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Survey Of The System Of State Documents

Welcome to the review of the system of state documentsUments held by the Secretary of State. This tool allows you to easily access market information held electronically by the Secretary of State’s Office. If you are generally looking for specific corporate records held from 1949 to 2010, please visit

How do I find a registered agent in Alabama?

At least Alabama hired agents:

What Is An Alabama Registered Agent?

Technically, in Alabama, a registered agent is a powerful person or corporation that is legally designated in the new corporation’s articles of association to accept continued service on behalf of the corporation if it is sued. What’s included? Generally, a registered agent in the State of Alabama may receive official mail and communications on behalf of any business in the State of Alabama. We are the point of contact for lawsuits of companies that hire us and who can get their official documents (tax and general budget reports) from the state, as you know, such as legal documents, such as lawsuits, when the company is going on. Whenever we receive a notification for a comp?Well, we review the document and upload it to the company via a web account within minutes of receiving it. When most people like us hire your registered agent in Alabama, you can be sure that all your credentials will be received and uploaded instantly.

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Can I Have My Company Mail Delivered To Your Office In Alabama?

We don’t need ALL your business email. This is not what we do. And it won’t serve you well. They will not have a unique address or office number. Any mail we receive on your behalf will no doubt be sent to Northwest’s registered agent, think of you.

alabama registered agent search

Find Alabama Legal Entity

Step 1. First you you need to go to the Alabama business search web page. You only need to enter the name of the organization you want to search for, but you can narrow your search by providing the key information below:

What Is An Alabama Accredited Representative?

A Registered Agent is an individual or legalThe CO that receives important documents relating to your Alabama LLC or business. Important data files may include tax forms, legal documents, and a claim statement, known as a maintenance process. Click on the notorious date field and select from the calendar. Then go to search.

alabama registered agent search

How To Name A Small Business?

Naming a small business is often a new task in its own right. Small business start-up budgets constantly can’t stand hiring someone to help you name your new business. For an easy step-by-step guide to identifying your small business, see our How to Name a Business guide.


State of Business ‘Alabama requires everyone to have aggravating circumstances, as well as corporations engaged in or carrying on a business which generally requires a license which he, she or they, unless otherwise provided, may pay to assist the county in which it is claimed to carry on or carry on any such business or any similar act, comply with the volume required for this face?zia, and all other requirements of these credentials as set forth in Section 40-12-2 of the Alabama Code (1975). The Tuscaloosa County Licensing Bureau is responsible for issuing state business licenses.

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Why Look For Alabama Businesses?

Looking for Alabama Businesses? names are correct. To check if your desired username is available, visit the Alabama SOS website. All businesses in the Alabama area must register their world with SOS. The official website provides all relevant data on new sales units. Collect as many names as you can. The name chosen should be a little more unique to inspire confidence in the company.

How To Register

Incorporating a company in Birmingham, Alabama is a natural process. This is usually done by filing constituent documents with the Secretary of State. In the following guide, we will show you step by step how to start a business in Alabama.

Does Alabama require a registered agent?

Technically, a registered agent in Alabama is a person or market legally named in a corporation’s articles of association, who undertakes legal process on behalf of the corporation in the event of a lawsuit. What does it mean? Essentially, the type of agent registered in Alabama receives official mail and even communications on behalf of an Alabama corporation. We are the legal contact for companies that hire us to receive their traditional documents (tax returns and annual return) in government as well as legal dealings such as lawsuits in the event of a company lawsuit. Once we receive a notification, we scan each document and upload it to their online account within a short time of receipt. When you hire us as a registered agent in Alabama, you can be absolutely sure that all your documents will be sent and uploaded immediately.