alabama Secretary Of State Candidates 2022

Trifecta Control

As of late 2022, Alabama was a Republican Trifecta, holding majorities in both houses of the local legislature and controlling the governorship. The table below shows the historical trifecta of state status.

alabama secretary of state candidates 2022

General Information And Resources

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Alabama Secretary Of State

The Alabama Secretary of State is, in effect, Alabama’s chief election officer and certifies election results, ballots, and records about fundraising. In addition to her, he is also responsible for the nameplate of the company and the preservation of official or public documents of the state government. Alabama’s constitution mandates the statethe shock secretary to show you the Great Seal of the State “for the certification of official acts of the governor, resolutions, appointments to office and administrative orders.” In addition to the clerk’s official records, state law assigns “more than 1,000 different functions to the secretary of state … practically everything in the entire series, [including] the processing and storage of documents, which are often files.” These “files contain transactions.” Records, legal documents, land books, campaign finance details, trademarks, and the like. The secretary, also accredited, certifies solicitors and solicitors. In addition, the secretary of state is the state’s chief election and Responsible for reporting and recording the results of all California elections.The Health Department’s current salary is $85,248 per year.

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