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Where do I find my Alaska entity number?

Register your corporation/corporation with the Alaska Section of Corporations to obtain an Alaska corporation. Number. All forms are on our personal forms and expensesSide. once inside page, scroll down to help your specific object type, and click the appropriate form.

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Search For An Alaska Business Name

Before submitting a name reservation request, you can use the Alaska Business Database to check the usability of your desired name. You can search by company name, official or registered agent. Note that since this is a database of companies, LLCs and other business entities are also included relative to each other. For a more efficient search, enter the name you wish to use without identifiers such as “LLC” and leave all other fields blank. This will reimburse any legal entity that uses the same or the same name.

How To Search For Your Name?Registering A Company In Alaska

The Alaska Department of State provides an online tool to search for institutions and companies Registered companies under government supervision. You must have a company name or ID to continue your search.

Find Companies In Alaska

The Alaska Department of State provides an online tool to search for companies and companies registered near the state. To perform a full search, you need to know the company name or object ID. Follow the step-by-step guide below to find a real Alaska business entity.

alaska llc lookup

Why Are You Looking For An Alaska Business Entity?

You can choose any or even your preferred name to form a legal LLC/corporation in Alaska. To do this, you will need help finding business structures in Alaska. You can do this by visiting the Alaska Secretary of State. Doing a business lookup ensures that your custom name is not only unique, but hasn’t been used by others at owners to subscribe or book their business.

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The Alaska Corporation Search Allows You To View Detailed Information About A Particular Organization, Business, Or Corporation In The State Of Alaska, Including The Names Of Directors, Registered Agent, Registered Office Address, Mailing Address, And Company Facility. Alaska Search Corporation (AK SOS) Phone Number: 907-465-2550, Address: 333 W. Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor, Juneau, Alaska 99801, Where You Can Actually Talk To A Real AK SOS Employee Who Works For Any SOS Company. Search Requires Regulation, Certificate, License, License Search, But Verification Questions.

Search Corporation of Alaska (AK SOS) numberwhere you can contact the Secretary of State of Alaska Alaska Division of Companies for all SOS business matters, including regulations, certifications, licensing 907-465-2550, search security, and driver’s license audits.

Name Search Companies In Alaska

The Alaska Department of Commerce maintains a database of director certificates in the affiliated state of Alaska. . The database maintains a list of expired active and commercial licenses that can be freely searched by the public. that the company name ends with “LLC” or possibly “L.L.C.” While almost any option exists, business owners often choose this version without the “LLC” punctuation.

Thank You For Choosing To Do Business In The City Of Palmer!

All businesses located in Palmer City Limits that sell, rent, or provide services must obtain a business license from the City of Palmer. There are almost always four in the citytypes of business licenses. Please note that once your business is open, a base rate of 3% sales tax will be charged on the sale of any publication, item, rental, or service with an initial total of $1,000.

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Select From Company Division

If you find a company on this search results page that matches your query, a division you want more information about, click on the hyperlinked division number.

alaska llc lookup

Does an LLC need a business license in Alaska?

1. When do I need a business in Alaska?License?