arizona Corporation Commission Filing Fees

How much does it cost to file for an LLC in Arizona?

To form an LLC in Arizona, you must file a written document called the Articles of Association with the Arizona Corporations Commission (AZCC). You can set the regular application fee ($50) or the expedited fee ($85).

Choose A Legal Agent

All LLCs in Arizona are required to appoint a legal agent. The legal representative primarily assists your LLC’s primary contact and the state. Most importantly, they are responsible for accepting the service process in case your business is sued.

arizona corporation commission filing fees

Arizona Official Agent ($0 Or $125/year)

Law Arizona requires that the person that the LLC designates as its legal representative (also known as a “Registered Agent”) when establishing your LLC. In legal terms, an agent is a person or manufacturer who receives legal documents (called “Comprehensive Services”) when your LLC is involved in litigation here.

Arizona Annual Report Information

Businesses and non-profit organizations will, of course, be required to file annual returns in order to maintain a good reputation in state administrator. Annual returns are required in most states. Deadlines and penalties vary by state. and a specific object type.

Arizona Annual Registration Fees And Instructions

If your company operates as a local or foreign company, the cost to file each annual return with an Arizona company is $45.00. If your business operates as a non-profit organization, it will cost you up to $10 to file the report. If you are an LLC, you will not be charged as no medical history is required.

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Arizona Annual Return Filing Deadlines And Fees

Any corporation or non-profit organization in the state Arizona must submit its annual report to the anniversary of the establishment or incorporation. If you don’t know when you incorporated or incorporated your corporation, you can search the Arizona Corporation Commission database.(ACC) to find the calendar date your application was submitted. The due date for your Arizona annual return must be listed in the Company Details section. Arizona LP, LLP, and LLLP companies must be incorporated between April 1 and 30. What fees are included in the final expenses of Arizona LLC? ð??°

While submitting articles to the organization is certainly an important step in the process, these are not the only LLC costs you may have to pay. Here are some other LLC cost obligations to consider when setting up and operating your LLC in Arizona.

Newspaper Publication Fee

Only a few states require new owners to publish a notice when forming an LLC. Arizona is special. Notice of incorporation of an LLC must be published in the local newspaper of the county where the corporation’s actual principal place of business is located for three consecutive weeks.

Certificate of Incorporation fees

arizona corporation commission filing fees

h2> The Arizona Certificate of Incorporation takes into account a percentage of the cost, which can also vary significantlyIt depends on whether you are registering a local LLC or a foreign LLC. However, you can submit both applications to the Arizona Secretary of State.