arizona Corporation Commission Processing Times


September 11, 2018 — As of November 16, 2018, the business unit will most likely no longer accept American Express payments as the newest form of payment. When paying by credit card, only Visa and Mastercard are securely accepted.

Companies Department

The Companies Department, its commission, manages various dutiesLLCs and service providers in Arizona. In general, the Division of Corporations is responsible for the following responsibilities:

How long does it take for an LLC to be approved in Arizona?

Do you want to start your own web business in Arizona? If so, you may be wondering how to register your Limited Liability Company (LLC). LLC is a popular business structure backed by Arizona. An LLC provides asset protection, a business debt insurance policy, and can save you hard-earned tax dollars. With a little research, you and your family can learn how to open an LLC in Arizona without a lawyer.

Contact Information

We send the following documents to the Arizona Commission of Corporations – Division of Corporations in part to enforce business for our clients. We share this background information the public as a favor. As As a registered client agent, you have access to the status the web is pre-populated with our company information to save you time when searching Information.

Choose An Official Name For Your Arizona LLC

Not only must your name contain one of these phrases, but it must also be different from some of the other company names currently available in Arizona . The Corporations Commission filed. You can verify that the name you have chosen is indeed available by searching my Arizona Corporation Commission business call database.

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How fast is expedited LLC Arizona?

The time it takes to set up a consortium or LLC in Arizona is entirely up to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. Many states process applications quickly and efficiently, but many do not and can be very slow unless expedited processing is normally used.