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Katie Hobbs | Secretary of State of Arizona.


The Arizona Constitution requires all officers associated with the executive department, including the secretary of state, to be at least 25 years of age, have held U.S. citizenship for ten years, and have resided in Arizona for nine years.


The longest serving secretary is Wesley Hobolin, who served 12 full terms (including the remaining two-year term and four-year term) and 1 term for the new one totaling 28 years, 9 months, 18 years days (or 10,518 days). Bolin was and was the shortest governor, becoming governor in 1977 after the reconciliation of Raúl Héctor Castro and serving only 5 months until his death.

arizona secretary of state

What does AZ Secretary of State do?

Another important responsibility of your office is to organize safe and secure elections. The Secretary of State is the chief election commissioner for the state. One of the Bureau’s efforts is to register more and more voters and encourage them to actively participate in elections. The office also checks: voting machines, election results, candidate and ballot measurements, and statewide accurate election results. In addition, some of us can help with campaign credits and lobbyist spending reports.

About The Secretary Of State:

The Secretary of State is the highest official of the State of Arizona. Because Arizona does not elect its own lieutenant governor, the secretary is next in line if the governor ends up dead, resigned, or even impeached. The Secretary of State’s office is great for documenting partnership agreements in Arizona, creating company names, trademarks, and issuing certificates of incorporation. The Additional Secretary of State is the electoral officer of the state government and is responsible for certifying voting machines, election results, candidates, and election results measurements. The Office of the Secretary of State is where potential clients and lobbyists submit campaign finance spending and reports. The Secretary of State also has the power to appoint notaries public forVerification of notarized documents and the office may authorize them to use the Great Seal of the State of Arizona on an individual.

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Republican Voter Locations

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