arkansas Secretary Of State Entity Search

Arkansas Company Name

The name lookup query is most commonly used when looking for a legal entity. Enter a company name and select “Search” and the database will generate many names associated with the entered name.

How do I find my business ID number in Arkansas?

The taxpayer identification number can be found on any previous compensation check received from the RA Department of Finance and Administration.

Search For Companies In Arkansas By Name Or Fictitious Name

Step 1. To search by company name or fictitious reputation, go to this link and therefore enter the name in the marked field, before clicking “Search”. “. If you have the opportunity to provide information, a more detailed analysis can be carried out.

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Secretary Of State Arkansas Business Search: What Is It?

State secret business searchThe Arkansas State Law is a legal specification that ensures that the trademark of an LLC that a company wants to register must always be available. To find the name of an Arkansas LLC, you need to follow these steps:

arkansas secretary of state entity search

How To Name A Small Business?

Naming a small business is often something you have to do yourself. . Small business startups don’t usually support hiring someone to help you get into the headlines. For an easy step-by-step guide to naming your small business, check out our How to Name Your Business guide.

Can My Company Name Be Different From My Arkansas LLC Word?

Some companies prefer to use a name other than their licensed name. Can this be called a proper business name (DBA) or a very made-up name in Arkansas?

How Do I Recognize My Company’s Registered Agent?

“Registered Agent Change Notice” is used to update the name of the source or registered office of the company. You can alsoYou can initiate the Online Registered Agent Change Notice.

C Corporation

To register a corporation, you must complete all the necessary steps and file the Memorandum of Association with the Secretary In general, indicate which ones you usually choose . Once incorporated, a corporation becomes a separate legal entity and is governed by the laws governing corporations in the state of incorporation.

Need A Fine Arkansas Business License? In Addition To Numerous Requirements, Arkansas Does Not Require All Businesses In Which It Operates To Obtain A Statewide General Business License. The Only State-level Permit Or Alternative License Applicable To Most Businesses Is One Of Our Arkansas Sales Tax Authorizations, Often Referred To As Master Seller Authorization, Which Only Registers Your Business For Arkansas Sales Tax And Use Tax.< /p>

Telephone Number Of The Arkansas State Corporations Secretary

Telephone number of the State Corporations Secretary?? Arkansas where you can contact an AR SOS Agent for Limited Liability Corporation Search, S Corporation Search, C Business Scan, Business Unit Search, Company Name Search, Company Name and Company Name Search, Name Search, EIN company name
arkansas secretary of state entity search

How do I find my SOS file Number Arkansas?

Q: How can I find my company’s health insurance number? A: Go to and search for a company by name. Your case number will be stored along with your company information.

Where is the Arkansas Secretary of State Office located?

Executive Office of the Secretary of State of Arkansas. State Capitol 500 Woodlane Avenue, Suite 256 Little Rock, AR 72201 501-682-1010 See on Google Map. contact us?

How do I contact Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston?

Contact the office in room 256 of the State Capitol or call 501-682-1010. For Secretary Thurston’s scheduling inquiries, please send an email to [email protected] with event details. John’s vision for the future is that the secretary of state in the government of Arkansas will lead the site on ethics as well as accountability.

Where can I find Arkansas redistricting maps?

To see accepted cards, visit the full Arkansas redistricting website. Click here for more information about this constitutional office and its responsibilities. Contact the office in room 256 of the State Capitol or simply call 501-682-1010.

Who is the Secretary of State for Arkansas 2021?

The Distribution Committee, made up of Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston, Governor Asa Hutchinson, and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, met in November and approved maps of the state and houses of Arkansas.