az Certificate Of Disclosure

If you have a public landline, you must submit an excellent application for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (“CC&N”). CC&N is essentially an absolute license to provide telephone services to the public.

az certificate of disclosure

Get Copies Of Articles

It goes without saying that users should make copies of all documents they submit to ACC and keep them for their company records. I recommend that when submitting your helpful registration guides, you provide an enlarged copy and ask the ACC to additionally stamp each copy to indicate the date our ACC received the registration document. This additional copy may be provided to other parties (such as a bank if you are opening an account) prior to receiving the final incorporation documents approved against the ACC.

az certificate of disclosure

How To Complete The Charters Form ?Association-Associated Registrations

You can file the Arizona Registration Form online, by mail, by mail, or in person at the ACC medical office in Phoenix. Online and downloadable forms are available on the CCA website.

More Information

By installing this website, you agree to be tracked and audited. For security reasons and to ensure that the remnants of the government service are available to users, this government computer agency uses network traffic time monitoring programs to detect unauthorized attempts to download or convert information or cause harm, including attempts to steal service users to refuse.

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Is a certificate of good standing required in Arizona?

The Arizona Certificate of Good Standing certifies that a limited liability company (LLC), also known as a corporation, is legally incorporated and properly managed.

Does A Non-profit Organization In Arizona Need A Business License?

In Arizona, non-profit organizations are not required to obtain a statewide business license, but many counties, cities and metropolitan areas have their own licenses. license requirements for certain types of entrepreneurial activity. For more information, visit the Departame websiteArizona Income Statement.

Enter The Name Of Your Non-profit Organization

The first step to using Arizona Articles is to include your organization’s name on the content page. one of the documents. If your business hasn’t already gone through the process of creating a trusted name for your organization, here are the new Arizona nonprofit naming requirements:

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