california Secretary Of State Forms

A California Limited Liability Company is formed by filing Articles of Association, Form LLC-1, with the California Secretary of State at the State Office. The articles of association must state the name of each LLC, its purpose, information about how it is run, its address, and the name and address of its accredited agent.

Submit By Mail Or In Person

All business forms can be submittedIt cannot be sent by mail or in person. A search form that you can submit and follow specific instructions. For our address and hours of operation, be sure to visit the company’s web page – company contact information.

california secretary of state forms

Are Articles Of Incorporation Or Operating Agreement Submitted Regarding The Secretary Of State?

No, bylaws and agreements Sprint (and any amendments thereto) are the responsibility of the business unit and are not submitted to the Secretary of State. Requests for copies or information on these matters should be addressed personally to the entrepreneur.

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How To Submit The Membership Form

Completed resident forms may be mailed to the Secretary of State of California. National Partner Registry, PO Box 942870, Sacramento, CA 94277รข?? Please refer to DP contact information for office space and addresses.

california secretary of state forms

About Commercial Programs

Commercial Programs, often the largest division of the Secretary of State’s Office, helps California corporations by registering commercialtertiary businesses and trademarks and enabling secured creditors to protect their interests on a case-by-case basis. The Commercial Programs Department processes commercial documents and requests for additional information annually.


A corporation in California is typically a legal entity separate from its owners. While limiting owners are generally subject to sole liability, taxes are levied by both the institution and the shareholders. Additional capital can be paid for by selling stocks or bonds, and the longevity of this type of company can continue after the death of the owners. The various options available should be discussed with a lawyer.

Customer Support Update: April 7, 2022

Sacramento Office: Paper files can be submitted during normal office hours. Pickup from the main Sacramento front desk is available daily from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM. Paper delivery and pretreatment services will continue to be suspended. Documents to beDaily issuance includes trade requests, business information reports, purchase orders, gastro-intestinal trade code documents and apostilles. Lost documents are subject to a special processing fee.

Submit By Mail Or In Person

All business forms can be submitted by mail or in person. Submit the location form you wish to submit and follow the specific instructions. For more information about our address and hours of operation, please visit the “Company Contact Information – Company” web page. 7 2022

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Sacramento Office: Paper applications can be submitted during normal business hours. Pickup from the Sacramento lobby between 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM daily. Suspended Expedited Submission and Preclearance proposals remain in effect. Documents eligible for daily purchase include sales documents, company statements, orders, documents with a single commercial code in combination with an apostille. Documents submitted will be subject to the applicable basic processing fee.

What is a statement of information for an LLC in California?

The informational reporting form contains a list of the manufacturer’s owners/managers, business address(es), and a description of the company. A corporation/LLC must file a Disclosure Statement within 90 days of incorporating its articles of association/organization in order to conduct business in California.

How often do I need to file a statement of information in California?

The Office of the Secretary of State has been advised that letters will be sent out to California businesses asking them to send $495 and other amount and full postage to a private company called Business Filings Division or a similar name so that you can file for liquidation of the legal entity ( see a sample (PDF) or even an informational statement to the secretary of state’s office, I would argue that similar letters are sent to Californian LLCs.

How do I contact the California Secretary of State?

California residents are encouraged to use the online services of the Secretary of State or simply contactReach out to staff for help by email or phone. Learn more about California’s efforts to improve election cybersecurity. Tour: Learn about California women who fought for their right to vote for decades!

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What is the California State business use form website?

This site is designed to provide the general public and employees of the State of California with a single point of access to most of the state’s businesses.

Where is the California Secretary of state located in Sacramento?

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State 1500 11th Street Sacramento, CA 95814 Office: (916) 653-6814. social media

Are phone numbers public record in California?

1. (Please refer to the form when ordering information and fees.) The documents and details contained in the documents you send to your Secretary of State are public, especially names, telephone numbers, telephones, email addresses and addresses, except for: provided for in the statute.