certificate Of Good Standing Secretary Of State

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Although each of our accounting firms no longer use the term, “Certificate of Good Standing” is sometimes used to allow them to refer to a certificate obtained from our Texas Comptroller of public accounts relating to the tax account status of an individual’s franchise. The Accounts Chamber now calls these certificates “account statements”. The balance sheet is often available for auditor information. You can also contact your controller at (800) 252-1381 for assistance.

What Is An Authoritative Certificate?

A certificate ends with Good Reputation, Letter of Good Reputation, Certificate of Status and Legal Existence is all the names of documents that acquire the same meaning. They show that the current company is appropriate for the state in which it operates.

Secretary Of State Tre Hargett

Tre Hargett was appointed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2009 as the 37th Lieutenant of Tennessee. Secretary of State and was re-elected in 2013, 2017 and 2021. Secretary Harget?? is the head of the State Department and oversees over 300 employees. He is also a member of 16 boards of directors and transaction commissions, including one of two boards of directors where he is usually chairman. Designated regulatory departments and agencies within the office of the secretary of state have access to all government departments and agencies.

What Is A Permit?

A license is a certificate issued by an office. Kansas Secretary of State confirming that the corporation complies with applicable Kansas laws, is in good standing, and is authorized to do business or do business in this state-friendly state.

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certificate of good standing secretary of state