colorado Secretary Of State Articles Of Incorporation

Great Trademark Reports

One way to learn about Colorado history or pedigree is directly with Brand Records. The State Archives of Colorado uses the trademark records found in archive searches. The trademark registration includes the name of the person who applied for the brand, the name of the company and the product.

Other Required Forms You Will Need

Foreign companies must submit on the Colorado website – Foreign organ. . This form is submitted along with the articles of association. It provides background information about the Colorado Secretary of State’s intentions for a foreign company to do business in Colorado.

Requirements For Constituent Documents

Before sending yourarticles, you should get a name for your integrated, which is unique among any other company in Colorado. To find out, run a search engine by name in the store The database was appointed by the Colorado Secretary of State. All companies incorporated in the state have names they are available in this database. Also, if or when your business intended for profit, it must contain an appropriate identifier, for example as “corporation”, “corporation”, “corporation”, “limited” or its shortened version.

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Choose A Company Name

Colourado state law requires your company name to contain the words “corporation”, “incorporated”, “limited” or “company” or an abbreviation of these words . . The name must not imply that the company is organized for any purpose other than those permitted by the Phases Act or its articles of association. For security reasons and for bothTo ensure that government services continue to be available to users, this government programming system uses programs to monitor network website traffic to detect unauthorized attempts to download or possibly modify information or cause damage, including denial of service attempts to access users.

colorado secretary of state articles of incorporation

Open A Business Bank Account

Using dedicated business and credit accounts is key to protecting your company’s corporate veil. If your personal and business accounts are mixed, your confidential assets (your home, car, and various kinds of valuables) are at risk if your entire LLC is held accountable.

Step By Step – Changes In Instructions At Colorado Corporation

You make changes to an individual Colorado Corporation by submitting the completed change form associated with the article online at the link found. You enter your company name, and when your file appears, you confirm that you are likely to have the right to change it. If anyone has any- any changes to the issued documents, please include them in the application with sufficient space.

colorado secretary of state articles of incorporation

How do I find my articles of incorporation in Colorado?

Click here for an alphabetical listing of corporations incorporated in the Colorado Territory from 1861 to 1875. The statute was introduced by the office of the secretary of state and the territorial legislature. Therefore, documents could be found in the founding books of the Secretary of State and in legislative acts. When a company is registered with the Secretary of State’s office, the recordthe location must indicate the year of registration of the company, the letters (from A to F) and the page number. If the dissolution of a corporation has been registered in the charter of the legislative session, the entire location is given by year of incorporation and page number (pp) in the charter of that year’s session.

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Incorporating A Corporation In Colorado Is Easy

Incorporating an organization in Colorado is a simple process that is done through the filing of articles of incorporation secretary of state. In the following guide, we will show you step by step how to set up a corporation in Colorado.

How do I update my articles of incorporation in Colorado?

Over time, you may need to update the information provided in your original articles by all organizations. You can use the Colorado Amendments to change your business name, but you will need different forms to submit different information.

Can I be my own registered agent in Colorado?

A registered agent in Colorado is simply required by law for any registered company in the state of Colorado. The registered agent receives all official documents from the state of Colorado, as well as all services related to the formation of a company, which can be performed as part of the litigation.

Where can I find Colorado City incorporation Records?

The Colorado State Archives holds charter records for most cities and towns from 1871 to 1977. Later municipal statutes?These records were kept in the Secretary of State’s office.

How do I incorporate a business in Colorado?

Corporations that were part of the first Colorado Territory filed their articles of incorporation in the county (usually with a county clerk and registrar) where their principal place of business was located. In these early years, a corporation could be additionally incorporated by law through a territorial legislature.

Who is responsible for recording incorporations in Colorado?

These entities were registered in the private affairs section of the charter of the Colorado session. Since 1861, the Secretary of the Territory (after statehood the Secretary of State) could be responsible for the registration of corporations and subsequent legal documents relating to the status of corporations.

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Where can I find the Articles of incorporation?

The State Archives store printed volumes of 1862-1957. The articles of incorporation may contain chronological records, which, as you can see, may include the articles of incorporation; amending the articles of association; name change; liquidation documents; and other legal instruments.