Hawaii Articles Of Incorporation

How do I get articles of incorporation in Hawaii?

To open an account with a local business corporation in Hawaii, your family must file the Articles of Incorporation (Form DC-1) and related closing costs with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), registration companies. Separation. Applications can be submitted online, by e-mail, mailbox or fax.

Hawaiian Corporation Formation

Interested in the actual formation process? To register a Hawaiian corporation, your corporation is first registered with the Hawaii Business Registration Office (BREG) by filing a Certificate of Incorporation. The next steps depend on your particular business, but many Hawaiian corporations choose the following registration path:

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At A Glance

When preparing to register, keep the following specific requirements in mind. in Hawaii.

Can We Reformulate The Original Articles Instead Of Filing An Amendment?

Form DC-4, Hawaii Revised Registration Related Articles, allows you to reformulate other articles and replace changes but changed?The new charter will not contain new changes. The amended articles of association may only include the relevant previously amended articles of association. The application fee is $25.

Hawaii Articles of Incorporation

How Do I Complete The Registration Form?

You will most likely submit your Memorandum of Association online, by mail, fax, or in person. Submitting is a simple process that involves little more than filling out and submitting a very nice registration form. As a general rule, we recommend submitting your Hawaiian business information online, as this can reduce processing time. For preparation and completion instructions and additional forms, see the Department of Trade and Business Consumer website (Form DC-1-Instr).

Before Starting A Business

A, as one of the pre-operational tasks you need to complete is usually to apply to the IRS for a Manager Identification Number, also known as an Incredible EIN. Is this a business version of a social security number?

Open A Corporate Bankingth Account

The use of special accounts with commercial banks and credit companies is necessary to protect your company’s corporate veil. When your personal and business accounts are mixed, your personal assets (your home, car, and other valuables) are at risk if a permanent lawsuit is filed against your LLC.

Incorporating A Hawaiian Corporation Is Very Easy

Hawaii Articles Of Incorporation

H2> Registering A Supplier In Hawaii Is A Simple Process And Is Best Accomplished By Submitting Paperwork, Including Registration, To The Secretary Of State. In The Following Guide, We Will Show You Step By Step How To Register A Company With Hawaii.Name.

The name

Of The Company Must Contain The Terms “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Limited” Or Their Abbreviation. It Shall Not Be Identical Or Substantially Identical With The Name Of Any Other Corporation, Partnership, Foreign Or Foreign Partnership Existing Or Authorized To Do Business In The State. Location-only Conventions And The Word “partner” May Not Be Used Indirectly In Company Names. The Word “ban”?” And/or Variations Thereof Are Subject To The Approval Of The Institutional Financial Commissioner.

Choose A Company Name

Your company name must be recognizable among the names of other companies already registered with the Business Registration Section of the Hawaii Department of Trade and Consumption. You can find names to see if they are publicly available by searching the Business Registration Office’s database of company names.


If you are a state When naming Hawaii, you must enter it from following key phrases or abbreviations: Incorporated, Corporation, Limited, Company, Inc., Corp., Ltd. or Co. Also, your company username cannot contain words with abbreviations indicating other types of companies, such as the full phrase “limited liability company” or the name “LLC”. . You also can’t use words that refer to a particular business practice reference (such as “or” or “bank”)??Law firm? ) can easily match these descriptions for your business.