Illinois Articles Of Incorporation

Choose A Company Name

Your company name must contain the words “Corporation”, “Company”, “Incorporated”, “Limited” or an individual abbreviation of these words. Your company name must be different from other companies already registered with the Illinois Department of State. Name availability can be checked by searching this Business Services name database. You can also send an email or call to verify the name as soon as possible. You can reserve up to 90 days by submitting a Reservation Request (BCA-4 name.10) who has a Secretary of State and paying a fee of $25.

Your Registrar Agent< /h2> With Illinois Selected, You Can Register An Individual Resident (for Example, Someone From Your Business In Illinois) Or A Company That Offers Registered Brokerage Services (for Example, Northwest). Tip: We Recommend Northwest.

What Are The Illinois Constitutional Charters?

The Illinois Constitutional Charter is an official document filed with the Secretary of State?a, which becomes official to start creating a unit. . Appropriate information about trade names, contact details, share issue and other elements is required.


According to the law, the real name of the Company must contain one of the following words (or an abbreviation): Corporation, Incorporated, Company, or possibly Limited. The name must be unique throughout the country. You can use the Secretary of State Name Availability Mechanism to check if your name is already in use. If you have an alias that can’t be submitted yet, you can keep it for 120 days. To learn more about this option, see our Preferred Name Reservation Service.

How To Register A Company In Illinois

If a person decides to register a company in Illinois, will probably take care of all details. We will review the availability of your business listing and help you prepare and file your basic constitution with the Secretary of State of Illinois, as well as make your initial franchise transaction tax payment. We can alsoIt will take care of most of your company’s tracking needs and implement the preparation and filing of annual returns.

For Domestic Companies:

If you are preparing to register to support your stay Please note the following special requirements in Illinois.

Illinois Articles of Incorporation

Enter The Name Of Your Non-profit Organization

To enter the name of your organization, you must first complete the Illinois Articles of Association. If someone has not yet gone through the process of choosing an absolute name for your organization, here are the specific requirements for naming an Illinois non-profit organization:

Illinois Articles of Incorporation

Illinois Business Name

The name must contain the name “Corporation”, “Company”, “Incorporated”, “Limited” or their abbreviation. The use of hyphens in the title is often frowned upon by the look. The title must not contain text or phrase suggesting or implying that it is organized for health insurance, indemnification, insurance, savings taking, financial custodial, or activity. Words such as this type of “bank”, “trust” or variants thereof require the approval of the Department of Banking and Trusts. The name must be different from that most commonly associated with a domestic or foreign entity authorized to conduct business, or from a name indicating that the exclusive right is reserved or registered at the time.

Incorporation In The State Of Illinois Is Simple

Incorporation in the State of Illinois is a simple process that is done by filing the incorporation documents with the Secretary of State. In the guide below, we will show you step by step how to register a good corporation in Illinois.

IL LLC Vs IL Corporation

After examining the common characteristics between an LLC and a corporation, the next thing to investigate is, Why an LLC or maybe even an Illinois corporation is a better fit for this business. Each state has its own laws and tax laws that govern its businesses, and these unique details should be considered when choosing your legal entity. Content ?This section describes these aspects for Illinois LLC and Illinois Corporation.

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