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The current brightening shell of the office is Holly Sullivan, who was appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb to fill the current term of former Secretary of State Connie Lawson, who announced her resignation in February 2021.

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Indeed, INBiz is Indiana’s one-stop shop for registration and managementof your business that meets the requirements of the laws of the State of Indiana. We use state-of-the-art security features so you can feel completely secure when you enter your work and business information into our system. . He has been in this position since March 16, 2021. She was nominated by Gov. Eric Holcomb (right) to replace Connie Lawson (right), who resigned before her term expired.

How do I contact the Indiana Secretary of State?

We are a service company that experts say can help you file with the Indiana Secretary of State Business Services. We are not not affiliated with this or any other government agency. We offer new services and software for a fee To help you make a deposit. You will never and never have to buy our service to send – you can send directly with this consultant without using our service.

What Is The Indiana Secretary Of State Search?

The Indiana Secretary of State Search will help you determine if the LLC name you want is available. You can search for information in a number of ways, including by company ID or registered agent.

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Secretary Of State Of Indiana

Secretary of State of Indiana was created by the five states elected by the constitution’s officials that were created only by the Indiana Constitution. The secretary is responsible for “keeping the records of the state and preserving the state seal”. They also create innovative companies, regulate the Indy securities industryana, manage the state and provide various services to car dealers in the state. The secretary is responsible for “keeping, including the state archives, and maintaining the general seal of the state.” They also open new businesses, are responsible for Indiana’s securities industry, run the city, and provide a variety of procedures for car dealerships in the state. The Secretary of State also offers a variety of educational materials, from guides teaching entrepreneurs the best ways to start a new business, to information on voter and candidate registration. The salary for this position is $76,892 per year.

indiana secretary of state

Step-by-Step Guide To Amending An Indiana Corporation

To amend an Indiana state charter, you must complete Indiana Form 38333 Submit changes to this bylaw to the Indiana Secretary of State (SOS). You can submit the setup online (see link below). You will need a good or MasterCard, Discover Visa or credit card account if you choose to apply online.

How do I file a business with the secretary of state in Indiana?

Then browse through the Indiana company search tool. This is considered an important step in the deregistration process if the public tries to register a name that has already been used.