iowa Secretary Of State

The Secretary of State is the state commissioner for elections and/or, as you can see, oversees the enforcement of our election laws and the rules governing the 99 Iowa county auditors.


In accordance with Article 5, Section 22 of the Iowa Constitution, each Secretary of State and all Treasurers and Comptrollers are elected to a four-year term, which coincides with the term of the Governor. . Elections are held in November, and the next January, a state official becomes a health care provider.

Corporate Applications

We monitor applications from fans to the Secretary of State of Iowa to ensure compliance Our customer service. We talk about this background information with usually the general public out of courtesy. As As a registered owner, you have up tosteps to the state Templates pre-filled with information about our company to save you time information.

Iowa LLC Name Requirements

Do a business search to make sure your company name is almost certainly available before registering an Iowa LLC. The name must contain an indication that this is a limited liability company. Therefore, the public should use the abbreviation “LLC”, perhaps “LLC”. at the end of your business information. Remember that Is LLC is not a supplier. Therefore, the title should contain practically no references to “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Corp.”, otherwise “Inc.”

iowa secretary of state

How do I contact the Secretary of State for Iowa?

Opening hours: Monday รข?? Friday 8:00 am 16:30 General email: [email protected] Contact the webmaster: [email protected] How to get to Lucas’ office

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