kansas Annual Report Lookup

kansas annual report lookup

Company Documents:

Copies of statutes and amendments to statutes filed with the ascendant office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs before 1939 are available on microfilm in the state archives and are found by name. The State Archives also holds the original (also known as “The Jackets”) “dead” corporate records for corporations that ceased to exist prior to 2000. These corporate records date from around 1868. Dead Park records may include: registration proposal, absolute registration act, modification changes, agent residentity, shareholder proposals and dissolution documents, but the actual disposal of the property or facilities of the company. Contact the KSHS reference staff for assistance with initial company registration.

kansas annual report lookup

Does Kansas require an annual report?

Businesses and non-profit organizations are generally required to file annual returns in order to maintain a good reputation in the eyes of State registrar. Annual reports are applicable in most states. Payment terms and income vary by state and various entities.

What Is The Kansas Directory?

The Kansas Directory is used by the government to establish your permanent eligibility to work in the state. and track government business tax payments. It is always different from the broader annual assessment that the Federal Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may request, depending on the form and status of your Russian company. It also differs from the Annual Shareholders Page, which some large companies send out to their specific shareholders.

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Kansas State Annual Report Information

Businesses and nonprofits must file annual returns to stay in good standing. Deputy Secretary of State. Annual returns are required in many states. Deadlines and fees vary by stateType and object included.

Kansas Company Name Search

The name search query is the most common when a company is looking for a suitable organization. Enter a trade word and select “Search” and the database can generate all names associated with the exact name entered.

Get Business Unit Information

However, as soon as you receive a response about your business activity, you will be redirected to the company’s business unit summary page, where you can find more information to obtain relevant information. legal entity.

Kansas Annual Return Instructions And Statement Of Fees

If the individual is a corporation, LLC, or partnership doing business in Kansas, you must contribute $50 each summer to file an annual report. If you choose to mail the report, a $5 fee will apply. For these companies, returns are due no later than the 15th of the month of Independence Day following the end of the financial year, which in most casesSev falls on April 15th. p>

Records Not Available

For a complete list of skills that are not subject to disclosure under, I would say, the Kansas Open Records Act, see K.S.A. 45-221. Other entries may be excluded by policy, court order, or case law. Other frequently requested entries that are NOT for sale:

Who files a Kansas annual report?

Explain to the Kansas state secretary’s office that you generally continue to do business in the state by filing an annual return each year. The deadline for submitting these reports depends on the type of business.

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