kentucky Secretary Of State Entity Search

Search For A Kentucky Business Name

Before submitting a name reservation request, you can use the Kentucky name search to check the availability of the desired name. For a more efficient search, enter the name of the organization you really want to use, excluding identifiers such as “LLC”. Generally, all organizations using the same name are returned.

kentucky secretary of state entity search

Kentucky Business Structure Search For Founders/Current Officers And Directors

Step 1. Essentially, this is a type of information search. on officers and directors, although entering their names in any of the boxes below gives you a set of active business information from the small businesses they work for. You can also select this link to perform a found member search to navigate this site. Enter the person’s name in the blank fields as suggested below.

Limited Liability Company

As you can see, an LLC offers the same benefits as a company, but without the cost and complexity. compliance. Business OwnersCats who are looking for personal liability insurance, tax flexibility, and management options may consider forming an LLC as an exclusive and ideal choice for their business.

Kentucky Creature Name

Search query “name” is most commonly used when investigating a business. Type in a company name and search for “search” and the database will generate all sorts of names associated with the entered name.

kentucky secretary of state entity search

Can The Company Name Be Different From My Kentucky LLC Name?

Some businesses choose a different name than the official one. This may be referred to either by the “doing business on behalf” (DBA) name or by a fictitious name in Kentucky.

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