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Welcome To The Corporate Division

The Corporate Division promotes economic development and therefore growth by making it easier to start businesses in Michigan.The Department provides organizations that allow corporations, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability companies to dissolve registered companies, and foreign companies to apply for the operation of a certification authority. /h2>A Limited Liability Company is a fabulous company created by an organizer who may or may not be a member. This is a separate commercial entity from its members and liability is limited to the financial contribution of our members. Both men and women are business owners. The management of the company is divided among its partners, unless the articles of association provide for management with directors. Governance is determined by the charter or operating contract. A Limited Liability Company is formed by filing each of our Articles of Association (Form CSCL/CD-700) with the Authority.

Perform Any Type Of Michigan Business Name Search

Before submitting a Discover reservation request, you can use a business object searchMichigan State to search for available LLC titles in Michigan. For the most efficient search, enter the name you need to use without identifiers like “LLC”. except for the rest, leave all fields blank. This effectively returns all objects that use the same, possibly similar, name.

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What Is Michigan Search?

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation (LARA) maintains a business registry. to allow individuals and organizations to search and find business entities such as corporations, LLCs, partnerships, or other types of businesses.


How do I search for a company by registered agent?

Companies Section Search Entries Search for companies, limited partnerships, limited partnerships and trademarks by registered agent Registered agent name: if an individual, enter: last name, first name, patronymic. Partial people are kind of acceptable. Other Search Options Search Past: Organization Name Employee/Registered Agent

Michigan Name Search Status

If as a business clearly is having difficulty finding the right business name, one way to generate ideas is to look at the research results and see if there are any expired names that could be used in the business.

What is the registered agent name on the application?

Registered Agent Name: If an individual, enter the following: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name. Partial names are generally allowed. Other search options Search: Registered person/Agent name

What is a registered agent for a limited liability partnership?

A registered agent is appointed outside of a limited liability company to receive any type of documents, notices or demands sent to a specific legal entity, and a registered agent is organized at the company’s registered address.