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About Commercial Programs

The Division of Commercial Programs, the largest division of the Secretary of State, helps California businesses by preserving legal identity and trademarks and allowing protected creditors to protect their financial interests. The Business Programs Division processes millions of applications and requests for market information each year. A California


Entity is generally a legal entity that may exist separately from its owners. While the owners are generally exempt from personal liability, the fees are collected by the company as diligently as they are by the shareholders. Put options or bonds can generate additional capital, andThe resilience of the business will continue even after the death of the founders. Legal counsel should be consulted regarding our own variety of options available.

Are The Articles Of Incorporation Or Operating Agreements Filed With The Secretary Of State?

No, the articles of incorporation and operating agreements (and any amendments thereto) are retained in the Secretariat and are not transmitted to the Secretary of State. Requests for copies or additional information about these documents should be directed to the business unit itself.

Service Options – Legal Entities

The fastest service is available online at gov, including Expedite 24 Hour ($350) and Expedite Equivalent Day ($750). Online services include virtually any registration for LLCs, partnerships, limited partnerships, cooperatives, name reservations, foreign name reservations, unincorporated general interest developments, and out-of-state corporations, including initial filings, media statements, amendments, terminations , ifRevisions and transformations. The certificates, along with the Articles of Association and certified copies, are available online at

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Revised Bylaws For Company Names

Effective January 1, 2021, corporate names. joint-stock companies and limited partnerships must be specifically “distinguishable in records” from a pre-existing California entity of the same type of evidence in California as the Secretary of State, and also “cannot mislead the public on a frequent basis.” Chapter 361, 2020 Ordinance 522 (sb Hertzberg).

How much does it cost to form an LLC in California?

When you are in the market preparing to open a California business, it makes sense to ask how California lockdown costs can be related to service fees such as California corporate income tax as well as California Limited Liability Company (LLC) fees. . influenced. .

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How do you check if my LLC is active in California?

A limited liability company (LLC) is any good form of business organization recognized by the tax authorities that limits the liability of the founders. In the State of California, the Office of the Secretary of State organizes and registers an LLC. If you want to check if an LLC still exists in California, you can use the free online business finder tool offered by the Ka State Secretary of State’s Office.lifornia.

How do I register an LLC in California?

A California limited company generally provides the same liability protection as your own corporation, but is taxed differently. National LLCs may be managed by one or more managers or one or more partners. In addition to filing the proper paperwork, the Secretary of State requires working conditions between members in relation to the LLC’s business and the conduct of its business. Therefore, the LLC does not register the operating agreement with the new secretary of state, but keeps it in the office, where the records of the LLC are undoubtedly kept.

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