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Like other state officials, the state assistant is elected to a four-year term that runs concurrently with the terms of office of all governors. Elections are held around November, with official nationwide work taking place in January of the following year. In accordance with the entire Louisiana Constitution. There is no lower term than this. [3]

louisiana secretary of state

C Corporation

with a registered industry requires the preparation and filing of articles of incorporation by the Ministerpy of the state in the state in which you decide to register a company. Once registered, a corporation still becomes a separate law firm and is subject to state statutory requirements for corporations to register. A limited liability company (LLC) anywhere in Louisiana should research the working name you want and see if it can be used. The name you choose for a Louisiana LLC must be unique. Point out that it has special features for LLC names.

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Louisiana is unique in many ways. The Bayou State is considered unique, from 64 parishes to a simplistic culture. In 2019, the Louisiana Secretary of State selected a local artist to create art for the fall election cycle. The In Love with Louisiana result allows you to depict the state bird, brown pelican and seal in an artistic style.

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We are considering the following Louisiana applications. State ?Secretary – Ministry of Commerce to ensure compliance business for our clients. Sharing background information ideas each of our general public out of courtesy. As As a registered agent client, your family will have access to the state The Internet is pre-populated with information about our company to save you time when searching. Information.

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Who is required to register with the Louisiana Secretary of State?

If you are registered to do business in another country andIf you think you are eligible, you must either apply for a certificate of authority from a foreign company or an application for a certificate of authority from a foreign limited liability company. Along with this form and payment, you must provide your state secretary of state with any certificates of good standing or existence. This certificate must be no older than 90 days. All of this evidence can be faxed (with breakup information), mailed to a home or office (with check or money order), or posted online.

Who is the current Secretary of State of Louisiana?

Kyle Ardoin is the 44th Secretary of State of Louisiana. Secretary of State Ardoin, who lives in Baton Rouge, was elected December 8, 2018. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the office, having served as Acting Foreign Secretary for eight years, from May 2018 until his election as Acting Foreign Secretary, and eight years years ago. Minister Ardoin was previously President of the National Association of Secretaries of State, currently serves on the Government Coordinating Council, Electoral Infrastructure Subsector, and in 2021 was certified as an excellent administrator of the state voter registration system protecting sensitive voter data and providing high-tech protection for his agency for the electoral and business services.

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How do I register my business name in Louisiana?

To use other data to run a business, business owners must apply for an appropriate Louisiana company name. also commonly referred to as the name Work at Business as (DBA).