maine Secretary Of State Business Registration

How do I file a business name in Maine?

Then search for the Maine company name search tool. This is an important step in the process because if you try to apply for a name that is already in use, your application will be rejected.

Available Domain Names For Research

Another important consideration when researching a business name is whether the domain name you want is actually available on the market or not. It is important that this URL clearly matches the best company name. This seemingly compact step can make a big difference in how potential customers find your business.

C Corporation

In order to register a business, you must create and file a Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State the state in which you want to register a company. Once your company is incorporated, it becomes a separate legal entity and is governed by applicable company laws at the incorporation level.

maine secretary of state business registration


Depending on the incorporation option chosen, it may? Certain fees apply. to current finances. All expenses will be billed to your personal InformME subscription account and you will be billed monthly for these expenses. Below is a list of applicable services and fees:

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Company Name

Your company name should not be unreasonable (don’t call yourself a bank if you’re a bakery). But the name must also be different enough from other Maine businesses to stand out. Tip: Although the Maine Revised Articles of Association do not specifically require regular corporations to include a corporate designation such as “Corporation” or “Incorporated”, it is common to acquire one and make your life easier when you possibly expand outside of Maine.

Incorporating A Maine Corporation

Each state has its own rules for finding companies wishing to register a company there. Once you have decided to register your company, Incorporate will take care of all the details. We will examine the title of your corporation and assist you in the preparation and filing of constituent documents of statethe Secretary of State of Maine. We can also help you with most of your follow-up requirements, such as filing amendments, written consent, and preparing and filing financial statements.

In-country Annual Return Requirements Maine Corporation:

See Yours For More Details Maine Annual Report Clearinghouse Page.

Choose A Name For Your LLC And See If It’s Available

To form an LLC in Maine, you must register with the Secretary of State. You must complete the required forms, pay fees, and comply with all business name and registration requirements.

General Partnership

A general partnership is a legal business relationship in which there are usually two or more of a person negotiate stock options and business ownership. A general partnership allows you to combine the main and management resources of two or more people. It is easy to set up and does not require any special registration (other than obtaining trade names).Names partners use).

maine secretary of state business registration

Step 1: Maintain A Registered Agent

One of the Key Steps to establishing a Maine LLC is to hire and maintain a permanent agent. Every business entity in the state must have a registered source in accordance with Section 31 MRS ยง1661. We usually take this opportunity to let you know that we are one of the top registered litigation agents and are responsible for at least 11,494 Maine companies.

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How do I find out if a business name is available in Maine?

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