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To register a foreign company in Michigan, you must apply for a Michigan State Certificate with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation in conjunction with the Michigan Office of Business or Business Conduct. You can offer this document by mail or in person.

Welcome To The Business Unit

The Business Unit promotes economic development and growth by supporting the creation of business units in Michigan. The department provides registration services for low-income companies, partnerships, limited liability companies and limited partnerships.property, as well as for foreign companies to obtain a certificate of permission to conduct business.

How do I get a certificate of Authority in Michigan?

Companies must first register with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation. Michigan organization. Companies added in another state usually apply in Michigan. Authority Certification. This will register the company as a foreign company and eliminate the need for registration. a completely new entity.

What Is A Michigan Certificate?

Companies are now required to register with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation. business in Michigan. Companies incorporated in another country usually apply for Michigan status. Certificate of Authority. This will register the company as a foreign country and eliminate the need for registration. new entity.

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Free Guide To Registering A Foreign Corporation In Michigan

All-in-kind $60 processing fee (including initial franchise fee).Likewise $50 for one hour of 24-hour expedited business processing.Additional $100 for same-day expedited processing (sometimes due before 1:00 pm ET or EST).Additional $500 for 2 Expedited Business Moments (must be processed by 3:00 PM EST or EDT).Additional $1,000 for 1 Hour Fast Setup(must be received by 4:00 pm ET or EST).

Search By Name

To formally create an account with your LLC, you must If you need the original name for of your business, it is not used by another business in its current state. As a Michigan legal entity, research the name you want to give your business, but leave “LLC” online for now. While an LLC will definitely appear in your legal name, it’s faster to find company names that would be too similar without an LLC. You can also try searching by name without punctuation or apostrophes to protect your bases.

How To Get A Michigan Authority Certificate:

Michigan Regulatory Licensing Division (also known as “LARA”) requires different types of companies for different application forms. The associated fees also vary and are low compared to those charged by the states.

Appoint A Registered Agent

Of course, every Michigan corporation must have an agent for the publicProcess private service. This is an individual or maybe even a company that agrees to accept legal documents on behalf of the company if they have already been sued. A registered agent may be any type of Michigan resident foreign company that, by holding a Certificate of Attorney to Do Business in Michigan, Michigan Limited Liability Company from Foreign LLC, is authorized to do business in any state of Michigan. A registered agent must have a physical address in Michigan. The subject must agree to accept the service process on behalf of your company before naming it.

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Suggested New Names And Partnership Requests

Company registration can protect business aliases that are duplicates by other companies. The county clerk’s office has the power to refuse to register any company that is misleading or bears the same or similar full name as currently in use. An association of entities with business names that are publicly known to have one or more specific business ownersRegistrations conduct business under a specific name. Business registration is valid every five years.

michigan certificate of authority search

Michigan Annual Report

Every Michigan corporation, except limited partnerships and Limited Liability Companies of Michigan, is required to file an annual report with the State secretary. They will most likely be delivered by mail, online, or in my situation. The pre-printed form will be sure to be sent to your registered agent, who will have to provide it to you three months before the deadline. Forms must then be submitted to the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Department (LARA) – Division of Corporations.

michigan certificate of authority search


Certificate will be accepted in the name or joint partnership can only be changed in the event of a change in the composition of associates. If anything else needs to be done with the testimony, the testimony must be annulled and other evidence presented. Liquidation can alsoexit when the company goes bankrupt.

Choose A Name For Your Startup In Michigan, LLC

You need to make sure your company name is available. Michigan requires the best LLCs to have a different name than other LLCs, corporations, and limited partnerships that appear to operate in the state. For example, if a company named “Delicious Restaurant, LLC” already operates in Michigan, you cannot name your LLC “Delicious Restaurant, LLC.” Very similar company names can easily confuse customers and members of the public, so your company name should be unique.

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How do I apply for a certificate of authority in Michigan?

If an authority certificate is required, the company will most likely request an authority certificate (form CSCL/CD-560). All of the following information must be included in this request. – Company name. – Permanent agent and head office in Michigan. – nature of economic activity.

What information do I need to register a corporation in Michigan?

– Company name. – Representation and certification in Michigan. – The nature of all the affairs of the company. – Register datetion, power of attorney and the life of the company. – Number of announced shares. – Address of the main institution.

Do I need a certificate of authority for a foreign corporation?

A foreign corporation, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, must obtain a certificate from the agency that it “does business”, possibly “does business” in that state. These key phrases are technical in nature, and decisions to apply for a certificate of conformity should be based primarily on the proposed activity in that state, its statutes, and applicable court decisions.

What browser should I use to view Michigan’s foreign corporation information?

Please upgrade to a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to take advantage of the features Michigan.gov has to offer. Another body is a body formed according to laws different from the laws of the given state of the process.