mississippi Llc Registered Agent

A registered agent in Mississippi is usually a designated maintenance agent. This means that Mississippi corporations and LLCs must appoint a registered agent who is willing to accept official documents and legal updates on behalf of the corporation. The Subscription Agent must have a physical address in Mississippi.


The Mississippi Registered Agents Act (Annotated Mississippi Code ยง79-35-3) goes into effect January 1, 2013. The purpose of the code is to make it easier for agents to register. by standardizing the forms used by various business organizations to select, change or terminate their professional agents. In addition, the law createsThe biggest new category of registered agents, registered commercial agents, who have additional obligations.

Mississippi Registered Agent Service

$ 125 In year

Mississippi Registered Agent Service For $49/year. Business

Every business needs a registered agent. Your Authorized Representative accepts service of procedural documents (legal notice in the event of a dispute). Choosing a qualified, listed agent can be difficult. There are many of us and not all of us are on the rise.

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Can I be my own registered agent for my LLC in Mississippi?

A Mississippi authorized representative is required by law for any registered corporation in the state of Mississippi. A registered agent receives all official documents from the state of Mississippi and may even receive any services that may be rendered during the course of a trial.

How Much Does A Registered Agent Cost?

The price of hiring a registered agent usually ranges from $50 to $300 per season. . This is a small cost if your business is going to save you time. it’s worth it.

Why We Recommend Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is our personal recommendation(and the system we use ourselves) because they have been in operation for over 20 years. years, has excellent customer service, and allows you to use their address in your LLC file to publish your address.

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Northwest Registered Agent is my solution to better serve Mississippi Registered Agents. They provide you with everything you need to ensure that your Mississippi corporation or LLC complies with all laws, ordinances, and statutes established by the Secretary of State of Mississippi for an LLC. Offer them exceptional assistance to visitors as well.

Trained As A Registered Agent In Mississippi.

Registered Agent in Mississippi is the legal contact Your business or non-profit organization. The registered representative receives important legal information, this is in the form of a maintenance process (also called a notification action)?) on behalf of your company. As a general rule, your registered agent in Mississippi must have a physical address in Mississippi and be available anywhere. commercial opening hours. Choose a reliable Mississippi company that guarantees You will receive important documents on time.

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mississippi llc registered agent

What Is A Mississippi Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent primarily acts as the primary point of contact for your corporation that has the Mississippi Secretary of State. Your registered agent is responsible for obtaining the necessary assessments and tax information. Registered

Mississippi Agent Requirements

Please note that your registered agent address in Mississippi does not have to be the same as your LLC in Mississippi.What Does a Registered Agent in Mississippi Do?The primary duty of a registered agent in the state of Mississippi is to accept official documents and notices.Qiya.

mississippi llc registered agent

What Is A Mississippi Agent?

A Registered Agent is a beautiful person or company intended to be a legal entity. to obtain important legal computer files on behalf of the company. This role is essential because it helps ensure that the right people in the LLC are involved in urgent games such as:

Do I need a registered agent for my LLC?

Regardless of where you register your business, if you need to bring an LLC or corporation into compliance, you must have a registered agent and registered office. However, this does not mean that you want to hire the services of a registered agent.

Can you be your own registered agent?

Essentially, can an LLC or corporation trade with its own registered agent?An LLC or corporation cannot call itself a registered agent. If you don’t integrate with the Registered Agent service, they will usually give you your personal name as a registered agent for your business.Using the Registered Agent ServiceIf you choose not to be your own registered agent for your company, users can select a registered agent service to serve as the registered agent for your current company.ii or LLC. They receive information on your behalf and pass it on to you if necessary. This contains:

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Can I use a PO Box for my LLC in Mississippi?

Your registered agent must have an address in Mississippi (PO Boxes are not allowed).