Montana Articles Of Incorporation

Name Your Business

Before you can start learning business in Montana, you need to come up with a unique business name. The name must end with Incorporated, Company, Limited, Corporation, Ltd., Co., Corp. or Inc. the end. It cannot be a name already in use by another business in Montana. You can search for registered trademarks on the Secretary of State’s website. If the name you want is not actually taken, you can fill out the name reservation form, pay the $10 fee, and keep the name for 120 days.

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Montana Articles of Incorporation

How To Fill Out The Bylaws

H2> Regardless Of Whether The Company Is A National (intrastate) Commercial Organization, You Must Provide The Secretary Of State Of Montana (SOS) With Relevant Experience. The Form You Need To Look For Will Most Likely Be The “Montana Memorandum Of Association For Domestic Commercial Corporation”, Which Is Required To Protect The Corporate Veil Of Your Business. When Your Personal And Business Accounts Are Merged, Your Personal Assets (your Car, House, And Other Valuables) Are Usually Subject ToI Am At Risk If Your Company Is Sued.

Registered Address

Then once you have selected “new agent”, you will need to enter a Street Montana address where the postman will be available for accepting legitimate email newsletters for your business. This information will be publicly available to the company. Internal

Montana Articles of Incorporation


Remember the following specific obligations as you prepare your final registration. on the way to Montana.

Company Name

The name should usually contain the word “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Company”, “Limited”, or some fancy acronym. The name must be different from the name of a company licensed and doing business in the State, a proposed or registered name, the intended legal name of a corporation, the name of a limited liability partnership, the name of a limited liability company, a proprietary service, or a trademark.

Start Filing The Articles Of Incorporation For Montana LLC. Variant: Online Processing

In the section “Processing variantki” select “Standard processing at no additional cost” (7-10 transactions and consent) . You also have the option of 24-hour priority shipping (for an additional $20) or 1-hour expedited shipping (for an additional $100).

It’s Easy To Get To Montana Incorporated< /h2> Forming A Corporation In The State Of Montana Is A Simple Process That Is Accomplished By Filing A Articles Of Incorporation With Your Secretary Of State. In The Next Paragraph, We Will Show You Step By Step How To Successfully Incorporate A Corporation In Montana.

General Responsibilities Of Directors And Officers

A non-profit corporation must always comply with the records of its meetings, finances and regular membership. Section 35-2-906, MCA. Upon request, the not-for-profit corporation must make some of these records available to members. Section 35-2-907, MCA.

What Is The Montana Amendment?

The amendment process is a state requirement for companies wishing to make positive changes to their articles of association. Organization. In the state of Montana, companies must go through a process ?Changes to legalize these facial changes.