montana Secretary Of State Business

professional registration activity. (406) 841-2300.

Montana List Of Ministers

To be eligible for the office of Secretary of State of Montana, a candidate must be over 25 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and a resident of Montana at least two years prior to the election.[3]

How do I contact the Secretary of State Montana?

Christian JacobsonMontana Secretary of StateMontana Capitol Building Room 260Mailbox 202801Helena, Montana 59620-2801Reception: 406-444-2034

Contact Information

Wetrack the following documentation for submission by the Secretary of State of Montana experts are our clients. We share this information on learning resources the general public, usually out of courtesy. As Registering a client-agent gives you access to the booth The designs are pre-filled with information about our company to help you save time on your search. Information.

montana secretary of state business

Historical Officers

Since 1889, Montana has trained 22 secretaries of state. Among them were 19 Republicans, nine Democrats, one populist and one of unknown party affiliation. Three died in the line of duty.

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montana secretary of state business

Montana Annual Return Fee And

All Montana Annual Returns are generally due by the 15th. If you do not meet the deadline, a fine in US dollars will be charged and you will lose your special status in the state. h2> The Department’s new policy states that the changes reflect our belief that gender, unlike the individual, is independent.? from identity, is a “biological concept” that cannot be changed. Montana, the Advocacy Network, called the policy “deeply disturbing.” their annual reports online. Online applications will no doubt be processed instantly and a confirmation will be sent once the payment has been processed. This provides the fastest confirmation times.

Montana Report – Annual Filing Fees And Instructions

Every company doing business in Montana must file an excellent annual report by April 15th. Every year. The cost to file a 12-month report with the Montana Secretary of State is $20. If you do not submit documents by this deadline, you will be required to pay a $15 deposit.

How To Research Company Names In Montana claims a database of companies that are undeniably registered in Montana. The database maintains a public list of active and expired business registrations. Search options are definitely available from:

How do I incorporate my business in Montana?

Avoid government fees! Get your small business in Montana now and get the best of our services. Includes EIN, business address and email delivery, easy maintenance, default privacy®, local business directories® and everything you need to get the job done.

How do I change the name of my LLC in Montana?

When Montana LLC decidesLets change the name of her company, she can go through many processes. You really need to update all official company documents, as well as documents of the main state and government. However, before you make any changes, you must notify the Secretary of State of your plan. You can do this by submitting your change.

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What does Secretary Stapleton do for Montana’s small businesses?

As Montana’s Chief Commercial Officer, Secretary Stapleton is fully committed to providing the best possible support for small businesses, which form the backbone of most Montana’s economies.

When will remote online notarization begin in Montana?

This answer will change on October 1, when Montana Secretary of State Cory Stapleton announces the date Montana will begin remote online notarization. On Wednesday, Assistant Secretary of State Christie Jacobsen spoke about the new technology from her office in Helena.

What did Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton learn in Ekalaka?

Montana Secretary of State Cory Stapleton spent June 26 in Ekalak, learning from local officials and businesses how his own office can better promote democracy, promote marketing success, and write history for future generations.

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