naics Code Alaska

NAICS uses the best six-character coding system to identify specific objects and place them in this hierarchical component of the classification system.

– Native American And Alaska Native American Government

This branch includes the Native American and Alaska Native American governments. Organizations in this industry compete for judicial, legislative, and administrative positions on their Native American and Alaska Native lands. This industry includesNative American and Alaska councils, courts, judicial and administrative agencies.

Applying For An Alaska Business License

A state business license is administered by the Department of Alaska. Bureau of Commerce, Community, then Economic Development of Corporations, Enterprises and Professional Licensing (CBPL). You can request a new license online here or renew an existing license online here. Applicants may choose to obtain a license for one or two years. All licenses expire on December 31st.

Company Overview

“Chugach Alaska Corp” of Anchorage, AK 99503, operates primarily under SIC 1389 – Petroleum and Gas Services n.e.c. and NAICS 213112 – Petroleum Operations Support Activities. Alaska Chugach Corp is a mid-sized, high-revenue company with a proven track record in the industry.

naics code alaska

How do I find my NAICS code?

The NAICS code is considered an independent six-digit code. These codes divide companies into sectors, sub-sectors and industries.

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How Can I Spruce Up My Alaska Business License?

You only need to renew your Alaska business license every year or two in order to ??on really extended. It depends on your initial request. The annual renewal fee may be $50. The two-year renewal fee is $100.

Alaska Native Advantage – Fastest Group Option

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Convenient For Completing Naic Alaskan Cipher Online

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naics code alaska

How do I find my 6 digit NAICS code?

NAICS codes can be up to half a dozen digits long. As a rule, the more numbers the code contains, the more accurate the classification of the real business. Meaning of the numbers in relation to the NAICS code:

Can you look up a company’s NAICS code?

Yes. By creating a US company lookup tool, you can also obtain a company registration that includes NAICS information as well as SIC information, DUNS numbers, company size information, addresses, phone numbers, contact names, latitude/longitude, and more.

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