nebraska Secretary Of State Elections

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Ballotpedia is asking every federal, state and local candidate to take part in the poll and share their political and personal motivations. The space below shows the responses of candidates in my race who completed the Candidate Relationship Summary from Ballotpedia. Applicants are required to answer three mandatory questions during this survey, but may also answer additional non-mandatory questions Current public office, dates: N/A. Former civil service, employment dates: N/A Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration. Military Experience: US Air Force. Volunteer Experience: ACE Mentor Program Workforce Heartland Solutions.

nebraska secretary of state elections

Nebraska Secretary Of State

The Nebraska Secretary of State is responsible for: Elections, Business Services, Professional Licensing, State Standards. and rules, office work, international relations, and simply youth citizenship programs. The Secretary of State is often the custodian?? The Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, and no doubt this office is the repository of official government documents. The Secretary of State serves as does the nation’s chief elector. The Department of Elections is responsible for the electoral process in Nebraska. Responsibilities include recognition of applications and counting results statewide, i.e. holding in court and elections in specific districts; using submissions for national initiatives and referendum proposals; selection of administrative law; and election monitoring. The department is responsible for implementing reforms under the State’s Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Duties also include educating Nebraska voters. The salary for this orientation is $85,000 per year.

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