nevada Secretary Of State

For questions from all other departments of the Secretary of State, call (775) 684-5708 or email [email protected].

Term Limits

Term limits for the secretary of state have been shown to be determined by section 5, section 19 of the Nevada Constitution, which prohibits a state assistant from serving a single term.


Nevada is on the brink as we work to address the necessary challenges caused by the pandemic. We see this as an opportunity to run the state more effectively, cut down on bureaucracy, and improve subscriptions to services that are too common and out of reach for many Nevadans. Our relationship with the state as a state depends on strengthening our small businesses, reaching out to many of the most affected communities, and reclaiming ourselves as Nevada residents. Trust the government.

nevada secretary of state

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How Will You Use Public Administration? Nevada Office Of Civil Voting Rights? Why Is Your Position As Secretary Of State Critical In This Lawsuit?

I think it’s safe to say that the white race of the secretary of state has never actually been higher. I and other Democratic candidates for office in states across the country face opponents who have made it clear that they are not dealing with facts or rules of procedure and often want to get the results they want by putting everything they need.

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Nevada Secretary Of State

The Nevada Secretary of State is the third highest-ranking official after the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The Office is responsible for maintaining these special official government records.Members of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Government of Nevada. The Secretary of State is the official registrar of the state of Nevada and the true custodian of the seal of the state of Nevada. The Secretary is also the official liaison to the State Treasurer and serves on the Board of State Prison Commissioners, the entire State Examination Board, the Board of Directors of the Tahoe Regional Planning Department, the State Archives Committee, the State Advisory Committee for Democratic Participation. , and the Audit Committee of the State Council of Prison Commissioners. The secretary also maintains a state register of advance directives and surgical advance directives, and maintains a list of government ministers and clergy. The salary for this position is $102,898 per year.