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The Constitution directs the Secretary of State to keep records of your state, to record meetings of the governor and council, and to “be present with the governor, and with the council, the senate, and deputies by proxy or by proxy, as they may do.” maybe needed.”

Online Business Is Your Service

QuickStart makes it easy to get started financially in New Hampshire. An online solution that not only allows you to search for a company name, but also helps you set up any business with the secretary of state.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Office ) in New Hampshire operates the commercial lending and banking community, acting as an escrow data warehouse that processes escrowSignificant rights to certain user assets used as collateral for loans. They assist the secured creditor in making principal claims on the assets in the event of the bankruptcy, bankruptcy or default of the debtor. The Site is responsible for providing users and recipients of the UCC process with a publicly accessible secure record of the transaction, including accurate and up-to-date information about deposits and investments with commercial lenders and other interested parties, as well as debt history or deposits.

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Do you need a certificate of good standing in NH?

The New Hampshire Certificate of Good Standing certifies that a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation is legally incorporated and properly managed.

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Thalia Wilson, Board Secretary New Hampshire Board of Auctioneers Office Secretary of State House of Representatives 204 107 North Main Street Concord NH 03301 Phone: 603-271-3242 Fax #: 603 -271-6316 Messages: [email protected]

nh secretary of state phone number


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Contact Information

We monitor the following documents sent to the New Hampshire Division of Corporations to ensure compliance services for our clients. We also include this background information part of the public out of courtesy. As If you are a registered agent, you have access to government Our company’s pre-filled report templates so you don’t have to search long Information.

Historical Officials

Note. The Ballotpedia Say Executive Officials project is looking for official rulers.Official sites around the world in chronological order listings of historical officials; The New Hampshire Secretary of State Directory has not yet been added because the information was not available on each state’s official website, or we are formatting the list as we review that office. If you have additional information about this office that you would like to include in certain sections and/or pages, please send us a message.

What is the New Hampshire Division of business records?

The Department is responsible for registering all relevant information about businesses operating in New Hampshire and providing that information to help you make it publicly available. This department is the health history agency.

Where can I find guidance on voter registration in New Hampshire?

This joint orientation assistance is provided in agreement with the Prosecutor General’s Office. The Single Voter Registration Guide is provided with the kind permission of the Secretary of State. User manualWelcome to the coverage of the New Hampshire Primary. What results would you like to see first? Portable Document Format (.pdf) .

How do I receive my NH Quickstart annual report reminder?

Get your annual report reminder by email! Please include your marketing email address when submitting your NH QuickStart annual report. NOTE. You can use NH QuickStart to pre-fill, print, and send your Annual/Annual Contribution/Charity Report.

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How do I print a form from NH Quickstart?

Just sign in to NH QuickStart or create a new account and watch TV until you see a button that allows you to print the form instead of paying online. Don’t forget to attach your receipt to the form.