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BRNA certificate The trade register number is essentially similar to an identity document for businesses. If you want to register your vehicle in your company name, you need to apply for a BRNC (Commercial Register Certificate).

Perpetual Commercial Certificates, Legal Entity, Trademark And Trademark/Service Mark

Welcome to the Business Records Section of the Revenue and Business Services Division. Thanks to this service You will be able to search for resources across all types of businesses that operate in new jersey,including corporations such as associations and LLCs, and Trademarks and trademarks/service marks used by New Jersey businesses. You will be able collect and receive copies of permanent certificates and reports on the status of transactions registered in the state corporate documents and LLC documents. You also have the option to download lists or Summary of family businesses filed with the state.

How do I find my NJ business registration number?

In order for us to process your own PIN request, you must provide individuals with your New Jersey Company Identification Number. If you do not know your New Jersey Business Identification Number, you can access it directly through the Business Records Office of the Revenue and Business Services Division by setting the Business Name Lookup.

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Find out what forms and licenses someone needs to start a business and avoid fines. We will ask you specific onboarding questions; Be prepared to tell us your preferred legal form, industry, and location.

New Jersey Business Registration

New Jersey Business Registration includes certain forms, information, facts, and documents. . It’s not a complicated process if you have to follow certain rules. Everything you need to register your business in New Jersey is here.

Do I Need An EIN Or SSN To Help You Register?Starting A Business?

All corporations, LLCs and reserved partnerships incorporated in New Jersey. Jersey must use EIN. Partnerships or ownership with employees must be registered with an EIN, but people without employees can use an EIN or SSN. This number will be used for your Jersey tax number.


Welcome to the City of Newark, Newark Business Portal. We are glad that you have chosen our city and are investing in it. You are that special reason why it is so nice to live, work and do.

nj business registration certificate search

How do I find out if a business is active in NJ?

1. How to choose a name for your business in New Jersey?