secretary Of State Alaska Business Search

Where do I find my Alaska entity number?

Register your corporation/legal entity with the Alaska Section of Corporations to obtain an Alaska legal entity. Number. All offers are in our forms and expensesSide. once on it scroll down to your specific type of gasoline and click on the appropriate form.

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How To Search By Company Name In Alaska

The Alaska Department of State offers its own online search tool to find companies that are corporations registered in each state. To continue searching, the person must have the organization name or organization ID handy.

Search By Name And Number

Step 1. Go to this web page and click Click on the first blank field to start with the company number, or in the second field to enter the name of the company you want to find or retrieve if available.

Alaska Business Object Search

The Alaska Department of State provides an online tool to search for companies and organizations registered in the state of Alaska for businessesa. To conduct a search, you must have a company name or object ID, preferably. Follow these step-by-step instructions to find your Alaska Simple Legal Entity.

secretary of state alaska business search

Search By Alaska Corporation Name

Before you reserve a name, ask: You can use the Alaska Business Database. to check the variety of names you want. Be sure to search by the name of the legal entity, official or registered agent. Note that although it is called a business database, it also contains LLCs and other organizations with land. For a more efficient search, enter the name you want to use without any identifiers like “LLC” and just leave all other fields blank. This return applies to all corporations using the same or even similar names.

C Corporation

The registration of a corporation, of course, requires the preparation and filing of a Memorandum of Incorporation with the secretary. state in the state in which you choose to register it?? forever. Once a company is incorporated, that legal entity becomes a separate legal entity that can be described as and governed by the laws of the agencies in the state of incorporation.

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Why Is A Business Looking For Alaska?

H2> You Can Use Any Name Or Name You Want To Create In Alaska Limited Liability/Corporation. To Do This, You Must Search For A Legal Entity In Alaska. You Can Do This By Visiting This Alaska Secretary Of State. Performing A Company Search Ensures That The Name You Choose Is Not Just Unique So That Another Business Owner Does Not Use It When Registering Or Booking Their Business.

Allows Search Alaska Corporation Allows You To View A Detailed Financial Report With Information About A Specific Company, Corporation, Or Business In The State Of Alaska, Including The Specific Names Of Directors, Registered Agent, Registered Office Address, Mailing Address, And Good Name Of The Company. The Phone Number For The Alaska Corporation (AK Phone Sos) Lookup Service Is 907-465-2550 At 333 W. Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor, J.Yes, Alaska, 99801. Any Search Questions, Including Regulations, Certifications, Required Licenses, Search And Verification Of Licenses.

Alaska Corporation Search (AK SOS) to contact the Alaska Secretary of State, Department of Corporations can when it comes to enforcing regulations and certificates related to SOS Business Search, Licensing, License Search, Checking Your Security and 907- 465-2550.

secretary of state alaska business search

How To Research Alaska Business Names

The Alaska Department of Commerce maintains an extensive database of licensed businesses registered in the state of Alaska. The index contains a list of expired active and commercial licenses, which can be freely searched by designated public persons.

Select An Object

On the Find Traces page if you have relevant problems . If you have a question or a company you would like more information about, click on the hyperlinked company number.

Department Name State (1st Column)

This is the main manager body of the state, usually referred to as the Secretary of State, but may have another name (for example, the State Departmentcop, Commonwealth or just a state…).