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Contact the DMV call center at 1-860-263-5700 or toll-free 1-800-842-8222 for your secretary of state number.

Does Connecticut have a Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State of Connecticut is one of the United States Constitutional Commissioners of the State of Connecticut. (The safer section is part of the official title of the position.) This is an elected state government position with a four-year term.

About The Secretary Of State Of Hartford, Connecticut

The Secretary of State of Hartford, Connecticut, based in Hartford, Connecticut, is the executive branch and branch of government of the state of Connecticut. The Secretary of State performs several government functions, including overseeing elections, keeping public records, and registering when you want to vote. In addition, the Secretary of State maintains business records, including business licenses, professionalonal licenses and state taxes on identification.

Contact Information

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The Secretary Of State Of Connecticut (CT SOS) Is Located At Capitol 165 Avenue, Suite 1000, Hartford, Connecticut 06115-0470. Secretary Of State Of Connecticut, Whose State Phone Number Is 860-509-6002. The Secretary Of State Of Connecticut Offers A Variety Of Emergency Assistance, Market Forms, Forms, Taxes, And Business Locator Services (see Below For Details, Phone Numbers, Section, And Website Address.

Phone number of the Connecticut Secretary of State,to speak below 860 – 509-6002 to contact a CT SOS agent for other matters, including businesses and businesses in Connecticut, directly to the agent of the Connecticut Secretary of State. This phone number is the top Connecticut secretary of state phone number as 246 similar customers have used this contact information in the past 18 months and provided us with feedback on 203-566-3216 call responses, incarnations, and other customer service issues. To simply try to call the Connecticut Secretary of State first, consider describing your problem first. to me ; provided that we can rely on the best means of contacting you by telephone. So, Connecticut Secretary of State 1 has a phone number. It’s usually not clear how best to talk to representatives of the Connecticut Secretary of State, so we started gathering this information based on input from the customer community. Share your experience with us so we can keep improving it?? free resource.

Connecticut Secretary Of State

The Connecticut Secretary of State is constitutionally appointed, and the Charter of Connecticut is the official repository for a wide range of group records and documents. The agency registers and licenses various businesses and providers of commercial personal loans, conducts nationwide elections, formally documents laws, regulations, and other government acts, and responds to more than 600,000 information requests annually. It also publishes, awards and sells the State Register and Directory and other publications. The Secretary of State is responsible for maintaining public records, in addition to records, managing aspects of trade policy, “including the approval of all certificates of use, organization and dissolution, and twelve-monthly and biennial reports. Registered trademarks are hereby considered eligible. .” The secretary also acts after the election of the state commissioner and oversees allNational and state elections in Connecticut. The salary for the organization is 110,000 US dollars per year.

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How do I find an LLC in CT?

LLC Search CT refers to Connecticut Corporate Search Limited Liability Company. 3 minutes of reading