Secretary Of State Kansas


Secretary of State Scott Schwab advised candidates for the United States House of Representatives today at Kansas House, an affiliate of the House of Representatives or the State Board of Education, to file a yes at 12:00 pm. (noon) Friday, June 10, 2022

Secretary of State Kansas


The first Secretary of State of Kansas was John Winter Robinson, a physician who was originally from Lichfield, Maine, but who was established in Kansas , Man?Batten, in 1857. Robinson was elected in December 1859, all pending statehood by Kansas, and was therefore sworn in after Kansas was admitted to the final union in February 1861.


The Secretary of State is elected for a four-year term at the same time as the governor’s term. Elections are held in November, the official office – in January next year.

Secretary of State Kansas

Scott Schwab

Scott Schwab grew up in Great Bend, Kansas and graduated from Haysfortyn State University. Prior to joining Manifest, Scott was a small business owner as a sales coach for a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company.

Kansas Annual Return Fee And Instructions

if possible, be corporation, LLC, or partnership that sells in Kansas, you must pay a $50 annual return filing fee. If you stay to mail your report, a $5 fee will apply. For these companies, the reports must be completed by the 15th day of the 4th calendar month after the end of the financial year, which is ?? Most of the time falls on April 15.

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How do I contact the Secretary of State in Kansas?

If you do not receive a response to your question, please send an email to the Kansas office.Secretary of State at (785) 296-4564 or [email protected].

Do I have to register my business in Kansas?

A. Yes. Articles of Incorporation can generally be filed electronically for the following types of Kansas business corporations: for-profit corporations, not-for-profit corporations, special liability corporations, and limited partnerships. Online applicants can print a traditional letter and a certified copy of the document after payment is accepted. Online filing is only available at