Secretary Of State Maine

The Maine Secretary of State is the state’s electoral officer. The Secretary of State is also responsible for the State Archives of Maine and the bus companies.

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Secretary Bellows Announces 2022 Count Results for State House District 73 Republican Elementary School Secretary Bellows Announces Ballot Counting in District 73 of the State House of Representatives Secretary Bellows Announces Senate District 16 Ranking Selection Results Secretary Bellows Announces Senate District 16 Ranking Secretary Bellows, who will visit the polls on the first day (Other News)

Secretary of State Maine

Associated Office Proposal (2015)

In January 2015, Governor Paul Lepage (right) and his advisors proposed legislation to abolish the offices of the Secretariat, including the lieutenant governor. Under the proposal that the lieutenant governor take over the duties of secretary of state, you will see all of his duties. The legislation also included provisions for the general appointment of the attorney general and treasurer by the Maine legislature. These changes would require the approval of two-thirds of the legislators and, if passed statewide, would be approved by the public.

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We monitor the following records held by the Maine Secretary of State – Office of Corporations, Elections and Commissions to ensure compliance Specialists for our clients. We share this informational conversation the general public as a courtesy. As As a registered client agent, you have access to the status Website templates are pre-filled with information about our company to help you save time on your search. Information.

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Does Maine have a Secretary of State?

Secretary of State Shanna Bellows is Maine’s 50th Secretary of State, who will be sworn into her partner’s first two-year term beginning January 4, 2021. Secretary of State Bellows is only the first female secretary of Maine.

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