Secretary Of State Missouri

Secretary Conwy is the chief officer of the Missouri Board of Elections, is responsible for maintaining and preserving current and historical records, oversees the public library, regulates the securities industry, and serves as the archival authority for corporations, head offices, and business uniforms. records.


The post of Secretary of State will be elective, and elections will be held for only four years. The elections were achieved thanks to the work with the presidential elections. There are no sentencing restrictions for this position.

Company Submissions

We monitor how the following Missouri Secretary of State filings are linked to the Public Corporations Division to help you comply Positive services for our clients. We share this help contentcommunal general out of courtesy. As absolutely registered client agent you enter The Internet is pre-populated with information about our company to potentially save you time when searching. Information.

How do I look up a business in Missouri?

You can start by looking for an existing business or find out if the Missouri company name you need is available by doing your own Missouri company search when the secretary points to the state.

Searching For Businesses In Missouri

Searching for businesses in Missouri is done on the Secretary of State’s Division of Corporations website. This is undoubtedly a useful tool for finding messages, making changes, and ensuring that the call is usable for your LLC.

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