Secretary Of State Nevada

Term Limits

Term limits for secretaries of state refer to Article 5, Section 19 of the Nevada Constitution, which prohibits a third term for a secretary of state.


Nevada is on the brink as we struggle to resolve disputes caused by the pandemic. We have an incredible opportunity to be more efficient than real government by reducing bureaucracy and increasing direct access to services that are all too often far from home for many Nevadans. Our statewide recovery depends on how well we expand small business opportunities, reach some of the hardest-hit communities, the recovery, and Nevada residents. Trust the government.

Nevada Secretary Of State

The Nevada Secretary of State is the fourth highest-ranking official after this governor and lieutenant governor. The office is the main center for maintaining official records of key acts of the state legislature affectingThe executive branch of state and federal Nevada. The Secretary of State is the official custodian of the state created in Nevada and custodian of the state seal of Nevada. The Secretary also provides official liaison to the Point Out Treasurer and sits on the State Board of Prisons. Commissioners, State Board of Examiners, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, State Documentation Committee, State Advisory Committee for Democratic Participation, and Audit Executive Committee. The clerk also maintains a national registry of living wills as well as advance directives, and maintains a list of ministers and clergy. The salary for this position has always been $102,898 per year.

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