secretary Of State New Mexico Phone Number

Previously, for New Mexico and Arizona, the path to statehood was long and thorny. But after many games, New Mexico became your current 47th state in January, and Arizona undoubtedly became the 48th state of the Union in February. Both Tells celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2012.

secretary of state new mexico phone number

Contact Information

We monitor follow-up submissions to the New Mexico Secretary of State for Business Services to ensure compliance. Services for the success of our clients. We share this know-how with links regular user as a courtesy. As The correct client of the registered agent will be provided to you according to the specification the web is pre-populated with information about our company to save you time when searching Information.

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C Corporation

Incorporation requires organizing and filing a Certificate of Incorporation with the Minister of State in, I would say, the state in which you decide to incorporate. Upon incorporation, a corporation becomes a separate legal entity and is governed by the laws governing corporations in accordance with the state of incorporation.

Current Owner

Sa?The new owner is Maggie Toulouse (r) Olivier. Oliver may have been selected for the first time in the 2016 special after the retirement of Dianna Duran (right). In 2018, she was re-elected under her full name.[2] Oliver was replaced by Winter Brad (right), acting office commissioner before Durant retired.

Powers And Responsibilities

The Secretary of Proposals is actually the guarantor of the continuity and stability of good government in New Mexico, his job extends to holding elections and then enforcing state ethics laws . , certification and issuance, compliance with laws, laws of governors and almost all other tools necessary for the effective functioning of state government, as well as for registration and regulation of trade and industry supervision.

Current And New Holders

Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Democrat, current New Mexico resident. Foreign Secretary. She was elected until November 2016. took the oath of medicine on December 9 of the same year. Last The elections took placein November 2018.

secretary of state new mexico phone number

Address Of The Secretary Of State Of New Mexico (SOS Nm): New Mexico Annex Capitol North 325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. Phone Number Of The Secretary Of State Of New Mexico. 505-827-4508. New Mexico Secretary Of State Offers Services, Other Forms, Business Forms, Tax Forms, And New Mexico Secretary Of State Career (See Below For Details, Phone Numbers, Blog Location, And Address.

New Mexico Secretary of State Mobile Numbers where you can talk to another SOS nm agent for contentious issues including businesses and businesses in some states of Mexico, the new number was 505-827-4508

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Does New Mexico have a Secretary of State?

Toulouse Foreign Secretary Oliver, first elected in 2016, is focused on raising awareness of financial disclosure and campaign finance, modernizing online campaign finance, encouraging New Mexico residents to register and vote.and to work for the good of the government and to strengthen the ethic of fair employment. legislation.

Who is the secretary of state of New Mexico 2022?

The 2022 New Mexico Secretary of State election will take place on November 8, 2022 to elect New Mexico Secretary of State. Outgoing Democratic Secretary Maggie Toulouse Oliver is clearly a candidate for re-election under the second text. She was elected in 2018 with 57.8% of the vote for a word or whole sentence.

How do I submit comments to the New Mexico Secretary of State?

Prior to the public hearing, written comments will likely be sent to Kari Fresquez, Director of Legislative and Executive Affairs, via email [email protected], fax (505) 827-8403, or mail to Attn: Kari Fresquez – Submitted rule, office of the New Mexico Secretary of State, 325 Don Gaspar, office 300, Santa Fe, NM, 87501.

What is the New Mexico Address Confidentiality Program?

The New Mexico Address Privacy Program is administered by the Secretary of State to help individuals guilty of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, or similar offenses receive emails with the Secretary of State’s address in place of their own.? own. Learn how we protect voter information and risk.

How do I contact constituent services in New Mexico?

Constituent Services (Michelle Trujillo): (505) 660-8915 For subrogation, liability, or RAC inquiries, write to: Ashley Cooper, HMS Program Manager, write to Ashley.cooper @state.nm. us Clicking on this URL will take you to a list of phone numbers for the Head of the Medical Assistance Department (MAD).

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Who is New Mexico’s Secretary of State Gina Coladangelo?

She attended public schools in Albuquerque and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science from the University of New Mexico. The Secretary of State currently lives in Santa Fe and is the proud mother of four sons.