Secretary Of State New Mexico

Current Owner

Current owner is Maggie Toulouse (D) Oliver. Oliver was first elected in 2016 after Dianna Duran (right) resigned. She was re-elected in 2018 for too long a term[2]. Oliver was replaced by Brad von Winter (right), interim president, named after Duran stepped down.

Secretary of State New Mexico

Powers And Responsibilities

The Secretary of State is essentially the guarantor of the continuity and stability of the good state of New Mexico, his role extends to joint elections and laws on government ethics, certification, medical records and retention of status, records of governors, not to mention other necessary tools for the effective production of public administration and registration and regulatory oversight of trade and industry.

Secretary of State New Mexico

Contact Information

We monitor the following documents sent to the New Mexico Secretary of State for Business Services to ensure compliance services for our clients. We share this help information?tion free to the general public. As As a registered customer of the service, you have access to the status The templates are pre-populated with our industry information to save you time searching. Information.

New Mexico Secretary Of State

The New Mexico Secretary of State is a state elected office, fourth behind the governor and lieutenant governor. When the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are out of the country, the Secretary of State shall exercise and exercise all functions associated with the Governor. The secretary keeps records of bills, referendums, and legislative journals, and ensures that proposed amendments to the New Mexico Constitution are featured step-by-step for four weeks in at least one newspaper in every county in the state. in English and Spanish. The Secretary also acts as a registered process service agent for foreign companies when filing certain documents.?kov. The secretary of state is the custodian of the Great Seal of the State of New Mexico and seals all orders issued in the name of the governor. The salary for this position is $85,000 per year.

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