Secretary Of State North Carolina

History Of The Office Of 1665

The Office of the Secretary of State for the Carolina Colonies was founded in the Province of Carolina by the Lord Proprietor. The first secretary, Richard Cobtrop, never went to America to help you, but most of the next 23 secretaries came to the Carolinas. In 1675, the Secretary-General became responsible to the King of England, and was mainly entrusted with clerical duties related to landed estates. Following this declaration of independence from the United States, North Carolina adopted a constitution in 1776 that expressly authorized the North Carolina General Assembly to “appoint a Secretary of this State every three years”. reappointed him for most of the following year. He served as a businessman for over 20 years before resigning amid allegations of issuing fraudulent warrants. William Hill served as secretary from 1811 to 1857, setting an office record of 20. When the upstate Carolina house caught fire in 1831, he saved many office papers.

Current Officer

Current officer often Elaine (D) Mar?all. She was first elected in 1996 and has been re-elected half a dozen times, most recently in 2020. Marshall won alongside Janice Faulkner (D) for the position.

State Secretary Of LLC “NK”

To close the NC secretary regarding the registration of a state-owned LLC, you must allow him to upload fee forms and documents. The official documents required to register your LLC here in North Carolina can be found on the All For Forms LLC page on most Secretary of State websites.

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Corporate Documents

We follow the following filing at NC Secretary of State – Business Registration Division for Enforcement websites for our clients. Here we share background information I would say that the general public out of courtesy As a customer of a registered agent, buyers have access to the state the design is pre-filled with our company information, which saves research time information.

Secretary of State North Carolina