Secretary Of State North Dakota

Current Owner

Owner is Al Jaeger (I). He was first elected as a Republican representative in 1992 and was re-elected by the party for six months. Most recently, Jaeger was re-elected as an independent in 2018. Hunter followed Jim Kusler (D) into position.

Secretary of State North Dakota


From the inception of the office under the 1889 state constitution until 2015, there were the fewest secretaries of state of all positions created by the states during the year. This is due to Ben Meyer’s 34-year tenure, which, as of 2015, was the longest tenure of a U.S. Secretary of State. Since 2015, the Republican Party of North Dakota has held office all the time, except for the period from 1990 to 1992, when the state Democratic Party was in power. The Secretary of State originally served a two-year term, but a 1964 constitutional amendment extended the term to four years.

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Secretary Of State For North Dakota Affairs

The Secretary of State for North Dakota Affairs primarily serves as the state’s chief election officer, which includes administering the general election process, approving the application regulations and campaigns for financial regulation in the state. Connection to the general electoral process. The secretary is also responsible for overseeing vehicle registration and government approval procedures, and also acts as the head of the notary public and formally maintains public records. The North Dakota Secretary of State is elected to a four-year, non-reduction term. The annual salary for this position is estimated at $96,794.

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What Is The North Dakota Administration Degree?

Companies were required to register with the North Dakota Secretary of State before doing business in North Dakota. Companies, often incorporated in another state, usually request a North Dakota certificate from most authorities. This will allow the company to be registered as a foreign company, which will eliminate the need to create a new innovative company.

C Corporation

Incorporation requires the preparation and filing of a Certificate of Incorporation with the Minister of State in each of our states where you choose to provide it. Once registered, a company becomes a separate legal entity and must comply with the laws governing company registration.

Secretary of State North Dakota