Secretary Of State South Dakota

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We monitor the following documents with the elected secretaries of state of South Dakota to ensure compliance service provider for our clients. We share information about this resource to the general public as a courtesy. As As a registered client agent, you have access to the status Website templates are pre-filled with information about our company to save you time searching Information.

Secretary Of State For South Dakota Affairs

The Secretary of State for South Dakota Affairs holds a fantastic elected leadership position in the government of South Dakota. The secretary’s duties include maintaining official public records, registering public insurance companies, and managing corporations. The Secretary is also the Chief Electoral Officer and President of the National Electoral Council. The Secretary of State is often the custodian of government business records.Theses and legislative documents. These include gubernatorial offices, commissions, agencies, bills, notarial deeds, and state senate certificates. Other duties and responsibilities include: keeping a register of almost all lobbyists; manage and maintain registers of each notary; The function of the Federal State Commissioner for Accountability, archiving election results and hence campaign reports; Registration of all trademarks, service marks, non-profit and commercial corporations and limited liability partnerships; serves as a government program for the Uniform Commercial Code. The Secretary also serves the following bodies and commissions: State Electoral Commission (Chairman); Council of the State Treasury (Secretary); State Employment Council (member);Records of permits for concealed weapons. The salary is $83,135 per year for healthy posture.

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