Secretary Of State Vermont

The Office of the Secretary of State works to strengthen Vermont communities by providing local officials and members of the public with information, systems, and educational materials related to the local legal system and practices, and the requirements of Vermont’s open government laws. .

Historical Officials

Note. Searching the Ballotpedia project for government officials will give you official websites with historical lists of traditional officials; Information for the Vermont Secretary of State has not yet been added because this information was not available on acceptable state official websites or we are in the process of formatting a mailing list for this office. If you have good additional information in this section and/or this page to represent the office, please write to us.

How do I register my business name in Vermont?

Yes, you can apply for a Vermont business name on the Vermont Division of Corporations website.

Secretary Of State BVermont

The Secretary of State of Vermont is one of three constitutional Vermont cabinet-level officials who are elected every two years. The secretary is responsible for registering documents related to the publication of by-laws by public authorities. The Office of the Secretary of State performs a number of important activities: administers the records management program for government agencies in Vermont; Authorized, certified and registered twenty professions and professions; Registers all state institutions; Serves as a repository of medical history for documents of the Uniform Commercial Code; Serves with chief state election officer; Administers elections, oversees campaign finance reporting and lobbying laws, disclosures, and promotes civil society participation through programs such as Kids Vote Vermont and Honor the Vet with Your Voice; Provides career leaders and members of the public with information to helpHelp and learning materials related to municipal law and practice, and the obligations of Vermont’s open government laws; Usually oversees filing and publication of by-laws for all government agencies; Supervises all notaries in the state; Maintains a privacy book to help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking avoid harassment by an abuser using government or business records. The current salary for this position is $95,139 per year.

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Secretary of State Vermont

Company Application

Shortly after applying, we go to the Vermont Secretary of State – Companies Department to ensure compliance inclusion rules. services for these popular clients. We share this consciousness of reference the general public does it out of courtesy. As As a new client of a registered agent, you get direct access to the status Templates are pre-filled with informationinformation about our company, so you can schedule time to explore them. information.