Secretary Of State Washington


Required to collect donations from the public for charitable purposes; increase transparency and accountability of producers requesting funds from the public; and provide information to the public to help them make decisions.

Company Registrations

The Office of the Fractional Companies Secretary registers various commercial entities by placing the Secretary of State as the company registry, including corporations, cooperatives, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited marriages, intended trade names and trademarks.[ 15][16] The administrator also regulates charities and charitable foundations and adds registrations for individuals, organizations, and commercial fundraisers affected by charitable applications .[17] However, unlike some other states, the secretary of state was not always responsible for? notaries, pledges or declarations of funding in accordance with the current commercial code. Instead, the Washington State Licensing Department performs these functions.]

Secretary of State Washington


The secretary of state’s salary is dealt with in Article III, Section 17 of the Washington State Constitution. The Constitution originally set the Secretary of State’s annual salary at $2,500, but provided for an amount that could be raised to $3,000 at the discretion of the Washington State Legislature. Since 1986, the Secretary of State’s salary has been determined by the Washington Citizens’ Commission on the Salaries of Elected Officials.

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Limited Liability Company

LLC offers some of the typical benefits of a corporation without the cost and complexity of compliance. Business owners who are looking for personal liability protection, IRS tax flexibility, and management options may find forming an LLC a suitable choice for their business.


Steps To Forming A Limited Liability CompanyBusiness Interruption In Washington

Must include LLC in the name of the selected business interruption. In addition, the primary corporate name must be easily distinguishable from all other Washington State corporate names.

Corporate Documents

We are monitoring upcoming filings with the Washington State Secretary of State – Department of Societies. to determine to ensure compliance Services for our owners. We share this background information the general public as an important courtesy. As With a registered agent client, you get access that says Templates pre-filled with information about my company will help you save time on your search Information.

Secretary of State Washington

What does the Washington Secretary of State do?

The Secretary of State is the guarantor of the continuity or stability of good government in Washington, coupled with his role, which extends to certifying, classifying and preserving public records, to overseeing all aspects of local thinking, youLaw enforcement and registration, coupled with regulatory oversight of businesses and charities.

Washington Corporation Changes Step By Step

To allow changes to be made to your Washington State Corporation, you must submit a completed Item Change Form and Secretary Statement by mail, fax, or anyone more. , as well as the registration fee.

How do I become the Secretary of State in Washington State?

To retain the position of Secretary of State, a friend who is a United States citizen eligible to vote in the State of Washington must provide my State with a $10,000 bond, subject to the conscientious performance of their respective duties and residency in the city. Olympia, Washington, prior to dedication.

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When is the Washington State Secretary of state election 2022?

Washington holds all special secretary of state elections until November. Primary school is scheduled for August. Submission deadline – . Note. The following list contains only official candidates.

How to find a corporation in Washington State?

You can find information about corporations or corporations in Washington or any other state by searching the website of the Secretary of State for the state or territory in which the corporation is incorporated.