state Of Alaska Business License Search

Does an LLC need a business license in Alaska?

1. When will I have a business in Alaska?License?

License Verification Requests

Submit a formally signed and sealed document proving that the company directly owns your license, certificate or registration in Alaska. Sent to many other government agencies or use one of the following options:

Check The Status Of The Organization (e.g. INC, LLC, LLP, Etc., Non-profit, Etc.) If The Commercial License Is Owned By A Commercial Organization:

according to AS 43.70. .020(d) Licensing statutes An entity subject to the latter type of rules must (mandatory) comply with those rules before it is eligible for an agency license and the privilege of doing business under AS 43.70.020(a) .

state of alaska business license search

Professional Licensing Section

Professional content licensing sectionThis is a list of all professions that require a professional license in the state of Alaska, as well as information, applications, and additional online services for all professionals. . Licensing departments and committees.


For security reasons, do not send payment information or other sensitive information via email.When contacting us, please include the organization name and organization number (if you have one) in the subject line of your email.DO NOT send emails or deposit payments

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How To Get Copies Of Saved Documents

Most saved documents are available online at No support financially. looking for the essencecompany search Database. You can search by name, work number, employee name, or registered agent. On the The object details page is a linked list of classified documents. If online viewing is easily available, select “Click to view”, then select specificA clear document for viewing and/or printing. If viewing is not available online, you must send a copy Application form with the corresponding non-refundable fee for requesting printed copies of agreements. see below Learn more about the correct way to submit the copy request form, as well as the applicable deposit fees.

Professional License Search

There is no need to fill in many fields for the search, individuals can only enter the last name or first name and city, or, in general, the license number or the last installed table (please check below the correct three-letter code for study only) to be able to obtain the information you need for your study.

Choosing A Name For Your Business

Choosing a name for your business usually lays the foundation for a building. After installation, the entire foundation(i business i.e. functions, advertising, taxes, banking, assets, etc.) are aligned using this “cornerstone”.

How To Get A License

In most statesAlaska for corporations, businesses, and professional licenses require the following: Engage in business in Alaska:

Electrician Administrator License

An Electrical Administrator License is required for at least one employee of an active contractor in Alaska performing work, many of which are covered by National Electric (NEC) or National Electrical Codes (NESC ). This license is for supervisory purposes only and, of course, does not give the license holder the right to profit from work covered by the NEC or often by the NESC.

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state of alaska business license search

How To Get A License

Licensing from the Alaska Division of Societies, Businesses, and Professionals requires the following conditions: State of Alaska Commitment:

Do I need to register my business in Alaska?

To use a different name to conduct business, the business owner must apply for a business name in Alaska รข?? too often called the name (DBA).