state Of Alaska Corporations Search

Where do I find my Alaska entity number?

Register your corporation/legal entity with the Alaska Section of Corporations to become a large legal entity in Alaska. Number. All forms are managed in our forms and expensesSide. once on it Page, also navigate to the specific object type and click the appropriate shape.

Search By Name And Number

Step 1. Go to this web page and in the first field enter either the business number or in the second field the name of the small business you are trying to find or understand if it is available to use.

How You Can Help Find Company Names In Alaska

The Alaska Department of State maintains companies with a search tool through an online search and registered legal entity suppliers for your current state. To continue your search, you really need to have the organization name or organization ID handy.

Name Restrictions For Limited Liability Company Names

To be authentic as a specific LLC, the company name must end with abbreviation”LLC” or “L.L.C.” While there is an option, most vendor owners often opt for the “LLC” no points plan. Once you have found a company that matches your search query or a business structure that you would like more information about, click on the hyperlinked organization number.

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Alaska Business Structure Search

The Alaska Department of State provides an online Google search tool to search for businesses and business addresses registered in the state. Follow the steps below in a step by step guide to find a company in Alaska.

Domain Name Search

We highly recommend that you additionally check if the shortcut is available as a web page (URL). Even if you don’t plan to help build a website for a business today, you can buy a web address to discourage others from buying that domain name. In this case, if the web domain is available, it is likely that the name can also be selected when searching for a company.

Why Look For Companies In Alaska?

You can use your chosen or preferredA noun to form a legal LLC/corporation in Alaska. To do this, you must allow them to search for business objects in Alaska. You can do this by visiting the Alaska Secretary of State. Performing a business object lookup ensures that the name you’re targeting is not only unique, but eliminates the possibility that other entrepreneurs have used it for a purchase or for their side business. /p>
state of alaska corporations search

Choose A Name To Get An LLC

Alaska law requires the word LLC to contain the words “Limited Liability Company” or the abbreviations “LLC” or “LLC”. Abbreviated to “Co”.

state of alaska corporations search

Contact Information

We monitor the following licenses with your Alaska Corporate, Business, and Professional Licensing Department to ensure compliance services for our clients. As a customer, you see this and other types of reference data in the license manager. According to your licenses.

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Obtaining A Business License In Alaska

In order for an LLC to operate in Alaska, you need to? must obtain a license. You can get approval from the Societies and Professional Licensing Division, Professional Licensing Section. The subscription expires on December 31st of each year. You can renew it by paying a 12-month fee.