who Is Running For Secretary Of State In Massachusetts

The 2022 Massachusetts Secretary of State election will take place in November to elect the Deputy Secretary of State of Massachusetts. Incumbent Democrat William Galvin is running for re-election. Galvin has served as Secretary of State since 1995.

who is running for secretary of state in massachusetts


How State Districts Vote in Presidential Elections The size of these districts can provide additional information about election results at other levels of government, including statewide and congressional events. The following four categories are used to describe each district’s voting pattern in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections: strong, trending, battleground, and new. [show] Click the entire table below to see examples:

who is running for secretary of state in massachusetts

Attorney General

On Tuesday, the Democratic Party’s race for Massachusetts Attorney General was reduced to basically two candidates. Former Deputy? General Counsel Quentin Palfrey officially suspended his campaign and also supported former Boston City Council member Andrea Campbell, who will oppose the workers. Shannon Liss-Riordan, welfare lawyer and member of the Democratic Party. If elected in November, Campbell will be one of the first black women to hold office in Massachusetts. The secretary oversees historical records in addition to this preservation, public records and the register of transactions. Massachusetts is one of the select states whose rules do not require attorneys to first file a claim with the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth. In this state, 10 registered voters could be first gathered to cast the ballot. Then, with the full contents of the ballot, they must appear at the Board of Elections or the Board of Registrars to apply. This must be done before the first base Wednesday in August. Once the promoters prove they are registered voters, this Attorney GeneralThe op will write a summary during the voting and send it back to the promoters. This is the case when the Assistant for Commonwealth Affairs sends both the Request for a Vote and the Summary of the Vote. Then the secretary will prepare blank petition templates with an abstract printed on them when collecting signatures. These forms can be found within 14 days of submission. In order to order these petition forms from print, advocates must obtain this approval form from the Secretary of the Earth. Enough petition forms are provided for you to collect more than required, except that the petitioners can print as many additional clones as they want. The salary for this position is $130,262 per year.

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Does mass have a Secretary of State?

The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the chief universal information officer for the government of some of the American states of Massachusetts.