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We are growing Delaware’s economy, generating income and jobs for the state while maintaining our place as the business capital of the world and developing trade relationships that benefit Delaware companies.


The Following Answers Are For Frequently Asked Questions About The Delaware Department Of State, The Secretary Of State, And Departments Within The Department. If You Have Any Other Questions Not Listed On This Page, Please Give Us A Call.

The Companies Department has many resources for accessing company information. Please note that this material fact is not evidence of good conduct recorded by the Secretary of State. To receive a Certificate of Status, most people can choose one of the following options:

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We submit the following documents to the Delaware Department of State – Division of Corporations to offer Consent services for our clients. We also disclose this guideinformation The general public out of courtesy. As As an end user of a registered agent, you have access to the status Pre-filled templates with our business strategies to save you time in your research Information.


The Secretary of State is appointed by the Governor. Nominations for office must be confirmed by a certain majority of the state senate as to how the governor should be appointed at will. The appointment procedure is set out in Article III, Section 10 of the Constitution.

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delaware secretary of state address

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Where is Delaware Secretary of State located?

You know that the government now has a secretary of state to check criminal records, and did you know that each state has its own interstate ministry of labor unions?In Delaware, the Secretary of State is clearly the office overseeing the Delaware Division of Corporations. Delaware is a small state, but Delaware corporations and LLCs do big business. The Secretary of State does the important job of overseeing the department that handles everything related to Delaware’s claim to form Delaware Incorporation LLC.What does the Delaware Secretary of State do?The Delaware Secretary of State, who heads the Delaware Department of State, can be described as being appointed by the state’s governor and today? is usually one of the chief masters of the governor. The secretary’s office and department are located in Dover, the capital of Delaware.To quote the location of the Delaware website: “The Secretary of State oversees an extremely diverse department responsible for virtually every aspect of state government: economic development, finance, transportation, housing, education, lifestyle, and quality. life questions.The State Department is responsible for:promote Delaware’s economy and generate revenue for the city;manage and facilitate citizens’ access to government, educational and entertainment information;Preserve and promote the history, arts and culture of Delaware;Maintain and provide uninterrupted services to Delaware veterans and their families;promote equal opportunity and protection for as many people as possible;provide regulatory, licensing, investigative, and consumer services to protect public health, safety, and money; as well asEnforce employment laws based on public and government valuestyakh, and laws on state values.[Source:]Delaware Corporation DivisionBecause the state of Delaware is heavily dependent on incorporation and related services as a source of funding, an important aspect of Delaware SOS’s role is to oversee and promote a business-friendly corporate structure, tax benefits, and other state benefits. To better serve this purpose, the State Department oversees, I would say, the Delaware Division of Corporations, which is responsible for, for example, Delaware incorporation and LLC formation, corporate name reservations, and various additional needs of new and existing companies.Harvard Business Services, Inc., a registered agent in Delaware, successfully works directly with the Secretary of State as well as the Department of Corporate Affairs to provide small business income, annual franchise tax payments and other highly efficient and traditional operations.Among the types of transactions we often conduct on this occasion are:Creation of a new LLC or ?corporationsGet your own criminal record certificateOrder a certified copy of the company’s constituent documentsLiquidation of an LLC or dissolution of a corporationDE units in corporations have been around for much longer than their counterparts in other states. Requests are processed from Monday to Thursday until midnight and on the same Friday until 22:30. In addition, leading business formation services companies such as Harvard can submit these applications electronically, reducing the processing time an individual may experience when attempting to submit files directly to the state.What information about corporations and LLCs is the Secretary of State of Delaware sure to keep?Delaware is known for exempting corporations incorporated in the state. However, there is an important difference between corporations and LLCs in that each SOS registers publicly.While both types of agreements can be created by a Delaware registered agent without disclosing the names of officers, directors, or investors, corporations are required to file an annual return each year, usually including the names ofeach of these parties. LLCs, on the other hand, only pay a flat franchise tax as an annual history without any other information.What else does the Delaware Secretary of State oversee?In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, Delaware SOS also oversees a number of other departments and agencies such as the Public Records Office, Historical and Cultural Affairs, and Veterans Affairs.One difference between the Delaware Secretary of State and the role in other states is that he does not oversee elections in the state. This responsibility was assigned to the Delaware Department of Elections, a separate local government organization.Here is a partial list of departments surrounding the Secretary of State:archiveartbankingCompanylegacy committeeHistorical and cultural affairsHuman Relations CommitteelibrariesEmployee Relations CouncilnotariesSorryprofessional regulationpublic defenderEmployment Public Relations CommissionPublic Service Commissionsmall businessveterinary affairseranov[Source:]

How do I contact the Secretary of State Delaware?

Companies choose Delaware not for a simple reason, but because we offer a full suite of incorporation services. The Delaware General Corporation Law is the most progressive and therefore the most flexible business formation law in the region. The Delaware Court of Chancery is a 215-year-old unique business court that has written most of today’s American corporate precedents. The Delaware State Government is very business friendly and accessible. Our coThe corporate division is a model of excellence and all employees provide prompt, courteous and professional service to clients, attorneys, registered agents and others. All of these factors have helped make Delaware one of the best legal residents for professionals from around the world.

Who is Delaware’s Secretary of State?

Secretary Bullock has held office longer than any other Delaware Secretary of State, for over 230 years.

How do I contact the division of corporations in Delaware?

If you need more information, please contact the Secretary of State of Delaware, Corporate Affairs at (302) 739-3077.

What is the mailing address for Delaware business tax?

Postal addresses for income tax. business is back. 2D – Barcode return vs. Remit. PO Box 2044. Wilmington, Delaware, 19801-2044. business is back. 2D – Zero barcode. PO Box 2044. Wilmington, Delaware, 19801-2044.

What is the address for the Delaware State Bank of Delaware?

Hold monthly/quarterly/eight monthly. PO Box 830 Wilmington, Delaware 19801 – 830

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