Alabama Articles Of Incorporation

Alabama Has No Disclosure Requirements

Some states require companies to publish their letters of intent or job applications. inclusion. This is unlikely to be the case in Alabama.

Why File An Alabama Incorporation Certificate?

Corporations, as well as some commercial entities such as Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), are officially registered in Alabama. As such, they are governed by the Alabama Laws of Professional Associations, which detail every step you must take to open your new business. These laws apply to domestic and registered companies, as well as foreign entities.

File Articles Of Association In Alabama

The name of the service must be clearly distinct from many other names. , held by the Secretary of State of Alabama (SOS). SOS Company allows candidates to search their company name database in advance to check name availability. One of the first things to do when starting a business in Alabama is too choose a company name. Your company name must contain the word “limited”, “incorporated”, “company” or “corporation”, an appropriate abbreviation, and words of similar meaning.

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To Order A Certified Copy Of The Charter Of The Organization Or A Certified Copy Of The Charter Of The Minister Of State Of Alabama

A Certified Copy A copy of your or your charter organizations can be ordered by e-mail, fax, mail, phone or in person, but we recommend calling . Normal processing takes up to 5 days plus additional mailing time and costs $1.50 per page plus $5 certification (excluding nonprofits). Expedited Service is available for a small amount of $100 (less forI am a non-profit organization) and should take less than 2 days plus additional shipping time.

Alabama Articles of Incorporation

Why Should I Choose Alabama Registered Agent LLC? Register My Business?

Setting up a corporation in Alabama can be tricky if you take it upon yourself. At Alabama Registered Agent LLC, we have the know-how and therefore the experience to start your business efficiently, effectively and for less money than some of our competitors. Doing it yourself can be tricky, but choosing Alabama Agent Registered LLC has become a matter of course.

Alabama Articles of Incorporation

What Is A Change?

Alabama Alabama requires all companies to have a report to inform them of major changes In the organisation. To do this, the company makes its personal requirements for the preparation of appropriate documentation for processing changes. This is called the Alabama Amendment. As a general rule, if a corporation or LLC decides to make changes that allow for changes to its articles of association/organization, you must request the change from the state.

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Select A Specific Company Name

Your company name must not be identical or similarWho looks like an existing name on the Alabama state minister’s records, which could be misleading to some of the public. The name of the organization must contain either the word “corporation” or “incorporated” or an abbreviation of one of these words. A

Choosing A Name For Your LLC

You must reserve the name of your LLC with the Secretary of State before filing the LLC’s incorporation documents. You can do it online for $28. The availability of your proposed name will be automatically checked and you will immediately receive your reserved full name after this process is completed. Alternatively, you can submit a Trusted Local Office Booking Request Form to the Alabama Secretary of State for a fee of $25.

Do I Need A Certified Copy Of Your Alabama Corporate Documents?

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