Arizona Articles Of Incorporation


How do I file an LLC article of Organization in Arizona?

You can pick up and mail in your organization-related articles from Arizona OR you can submit them online. Choose your preferred path below for this first step.

Complete The Registration Form

, you can submit the Arizona Articles registration form online, by mail, or in person at ACC offices near Phoenix. Online forms and downloadable forms are available on the CCA website.

Before Submitting Articles

Please provide samples of articles of incorporation with minimal information. Submission requirements require approval, but you may be required to provide additional provisions. The IRS requires additional provisions for 501(c)(3) Resolution. Government tax exemption, required licenses, B-Corporation and other certifications, and even banking services. The goals require different provisions in the articles. This book provides general information about Rules.

Open A Business Bank Account

The use of dedicated business accounts and credit accounts for deposits is necessary to protect the corporate veil of your If your personal business and account are mixed, the person’s personal assets (your house, car, and various valuables) are at risk if your LLC is sued.

What Are The Requirements? A For An Arizona Company Name?

The company name must contain the words “Association”, “Corporation”, “Company”, “Incorporated”, “Limited”, or an abbreviation thereof. It should not contain language indicating or implying that the company is organized for illegal purposes. The name must be developed in such a way that it can be distinguished from the name of a domestic, non-profit or foreign company that has a business permit; the reserved or registered name of a major corporation; fictitious name of an unknown company; the name of the limited liability company or foreign limited liability company; usually the corporate name of a limited liability cooperative, a joint limited partnership, or a general partnership with aThere is little foreign liability. With the terms “bank”, “bank” and “bankcorp”, the company must become a bank and the concept must be approved by the Banking Authority.

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Section 8: Founder

A Founder is anyone who proclaims the Charter of an Operation. This could be you or a representative to help you through the process. Enter the name and address of one person for each incorporator.

Arizona Articles of Incorporation

Additional Registration Required

All corporations must file a Certificate of Disclosure (COD) with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Corporations in Arizona must file the COD along with the Memorandum of Association. The form is often downloaded from the state website.

What You Need To Know Before Submitting An Article

The first priority for owners when submitting one of our articles is to make sure you read instructions and make sure the person understands all requirements. Often essays submitted by non-specialists are rejected for the following reasons:

What Is Arizona Benefit Corporation?

A Benefit Arizona Corporation is a relatively new company. This became possible in Arizona only in January 2015.Yes. This new type of meritocracy is still “for business”, but its purpose is to make money in addition to its usual purpose of providing the public good. The social benefits created can range from generating solar energy to feeding the homeless and educating at-risk youth. Pretty much the purpose of the business, which explains who needs it to qualify as an Arizona Benefit Corporation.

Steps To Form A Real Society

Here is a brief overview of the process you must follow to register an A Corporation (specifically, a “C Corporation”) in Arizona. You should also review the general section on forming a partnership for state-specific information. In addition, you should check out the Arizona Corporation Commission website for helpful information and resources.

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Choose A Company Name

Your company name should not be so strong or similar to the previous name in the Arizona Corporation Commission reports or mislead the public. com namea company must contain “Association”, “Society”, “Corporation”, “Limited”, “Incorporated” or an abbreviation of any of these words in the appropriate name.

Arizona Articles of Incorporation