can I Be My Own Statutory Agent

A partnership or LLC cannot have a legal representative – it must appoint another person besides itself. For example, an LLC may appoint one of its members as a legal representative, as well as officers as an individual, but the LLC itself cannot appoint a majority of legal representatives.

A Designated Agent Is Just An Enterprise And?and A Partnership Designated To Receive Legal Process Services On Behalf Of Your Business.

You appoint one yourself or, in many states, you name your company through the service also has its own registered agent. Which does raise a specific question: why hire a registered agent who has everything?


When registering a corporation in the province of Arizona, you must go through a full registration with a representative attorney (also known as a registered agent) in the Arizona Corporation Commission. This person acts as the legal contact for official communications on behalf of your business, accepting official government mail and accepting service of court documents for processing.

What are requirements for statutory agent in Arizona?

At a minimum, Arizona agents must have a physical address in Arizona and accept and deliver important legal documents on behalf of your business. In other words, your registered agent’s coverage area acts as the official destination for all shipments and official mail from your Arizona LLC, Arizona Corporation, or Arizona Nonprofit.

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What Is A Registered Representative?

If you register limited liability insurance company (LLC) or corporation, you must provide a registered agent. A registered agent can be an individual or a legal entity.The person responsible for receiving and sending important legal documents.

What Is A Registered Agent?

An agent is a person or entity appointed by your company. to obtain official information on behalf of your LLC or business. This includes processing services, correspondence with the relevant state, and state and US tax notices.

can i be my own statutory agent

Option 3: Lawyer Or Accountant

Some lawyers will certainly be your legal representative at no extra cost (if you hire them for many other services) related to llc. Other attorneys charge the best annual fee for legal representation (whether or not you hire them for other LLC-related work).

Best Legal Representation Services In Arizona

Cost per By law, hiring a maintenance agent should be between $50 and $300 a year most of the time. This may be a small fee considering how much time it will save you. it’s worth it.

What Is A Legal Representative?

Legal representative (also called(my resident representative or legal representative in some states) is a female/male, male or company. be the official point of contact between all government agencies and your business entity.

What Is A Major Registered Agent?

A person or company can act against a registered agent who has agreed to receive important documents from another companies. A Registered Vector can receive the following types of messages:

What Is A Large Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent, sometimes referred to as a “Permanent Agent”, is assigned? or “Legal Representative” receives service procedures, legal documents, and important government marketing and commercial communications on behalf of the Company. Each supplier and limited liability company (LLC) must appoint and maintain a registered agent in my state of incorporation and in each region in which they are licensed to do business.

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Arizona Registered Agent Services

$ 125 In year

can i be my own statutory agent

Do you need a registered agent in AZ?

A legal representative in Arizona (also known as a registered agent) is required by law for any reputable business in the state of Arizona. The legal representative receives all official documents outside the state of Arizona, and also prepares all the results of the process, which can be served on the company during the course of the trial.